It’s time to release what’s emotionally clogging you up and own your authentic self.

Are you living your life OUT LOUD?

The voice in your head either brings you closer to or farther from who you are… from who you’re meant to be.

But chances are you’re also bottling it up on the inside, and it’s eating away at your life, your happiness, and hell, your ability to bring more into your bank account.

You’ve been through some shit. You’re a badass and warrior because you haven’t given up.

That’s what happens when you keep stuff pent up on the inside.

❌ You begin letting other people’s voices drown out your own voice.

❌ You don’t speak your truth to yourself - or others.

❌ You’re even a real jerk to yourself at times.

Thing is, how you talk to yourself determines how you experience everything in your life…and it might not be your voice you're listening to every day.

That’s why it’s time to clear out those voices that don’t belong to you…and never did. 

They’re taking up all your mental energy, keeping your creative spirit from channeling through you, dictating your life, and holding you back from being clear and confident in who you are.

They’ll keep you feeling burnt out, disconnected, and resentful of yourself.

If you’re ready to start owning every part of yourself and your desires, stop belittling yourself, and feeling frustrated and crazy…

You've got to let that shit go. 

Easier said than done you say?

Funny enough, saying it is doing it. 

When you master your self-talk by being and speaking your truth, your dreams suddenly seem reachable. 

Listening to these other voices and letting nasty self-talk take over is not your fault. So many of us were never taught how to speak to ourselves.

That’s why it’s so easy to lie to yourself all day long in your head, but when you SAY IT OUT LOUD you can’t unhear the truth.

It takes the main stage, and it’s finally out there in the open - with no other voices to drown it out.

When you SAY IT OUT LOUD, you express what it is you need to get done.

You close the gap between becoming your real self and being your real self. 

So, go on. Try it.


How do you talk to yourself when no one else can hear you?

I see too much wasted talent and wasted potential. So let’s change that.

Author of SAY IT OUT LOUD.

And I take this shit personally. I’m fed up with seeing gifted people sit on their lives.

There’s so much brilliance waiting to come out of so many, but often people have too much shit in the way… and the only way to free themselves is to be honest, stop their denial, and use their voice to admit it OUT LOUD.

Who am I to call this out?

I’m a voice-over artist, a licensed therapist, an author, and an entrepreneur with over 13 years of on-camera experience, but that’s not why I’m qualified to help you bring your voice to the forefront of your life.

I know what it’s like to feel your true self…

And then keep doing the same shit over and over again.

Between divorce, mental illness, and going to rehab twice, I’ve picked myself up many times after living a lie.

SAYING OUT LOUD my deepest truths helped me no longer keep my truths from myself. 

That’s why I now use my voice to talk about my bipolar disorder, addiction, business, entrepreneurship…

And how to stop shoving your voice down and holding yourself back from more money, success, fulfillment, pride, and celebration. 


The SAY IT OUT LOUD Group Program

Where We Cut the Fluff and Dive Deep Into Your Stuff.

Everything is rooted in the truth of what you want. Saying the truth of what you want OUT LOUD gives you the power to create anything you want.

It’s not about listening to a teacher or reading and listening to lots of material. I’m putting the power back in your hands. We honor you for who you are and celebrate you for who you want to become.

I created a unique group program to get you to say the thoughts in your head OUT LOUD, and then act on them.

No matter how many books you’ve read, podcasts you’ve listened to, or the amount of mindset work you’ve done, you need to take action and unearth your voice to see concrete, lasting change.  

Your voice is your method and means to unashamedly live your life OUT LOUD…

And it changes your life when you start using it.

How It Works

Over 9 months:


Everyday Availability & Encouragement

I’ll be accessible to you every single day for 9 months. 


Private Voxer Community

This is where the JUICE is. I choose Voxer, a walkie-talkie app, for a reason. You use your voice in a safe space where you feel comfortable being vulnerable - without shame. And shame is what keeps you doing the same shit over and over again. 

The Voxer group will open your eyes to help you realize what areas you’re leaking power in and what you need to do.


Two 90-minute Calls Every Month

We do live coaching on one of these calls every month where I’ll bring a topic to the table with a Q&A. On our other monthly call, I pick a theme from my book SAY IT OUT LOUD, and we have an insightful blast!

Fear not, I know everyone has a busy life. If you can’t make the live call you’ll always get the replay. 



We will meet every Tuesday from 11:00am - 12:30pm CST. It begins on Tuesday, April 23, 2024.

Starting in May, we’re meeting on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month.

All you need is to grab a copy of or audio version of my book, SAY IT OUT LOUD. Please order yours before we kick the group off!

- Rhonda

"Literally my confidence light bulb went off.

"I’m able to walk in any room, and I’m able to talk to anybody at any level with any title. I can speak on any subject, and I’m not insecure about meeting and talking to people. She uncovers your insecurities, walks you through reasons as to why you’re insecure, and gives you tools to be more confident. She pretty much forces you to see yourself. Not many people are able to reach me in that manner. 

I knew this was an investment in myself. There’s no price on growth. What took me over the edge of joining was that she stated that it doesn’t matter what people say about you. You know you and what you think about you matters more.

If you’re on the fence about joining, I want you to know that her training is a game-changer. She encourages her clients holistically through self-talk and healthy habits to take care of themselves, and she walks you through what that process is. She really does bring her whole self to the training, and she expects the same from her clients. She’s unwavering in her commitment, she is super effervescent, and her talent is undeniable. I’m just waiting for the rest of the world to catch on to her because she really is a superstar."

- Rubee

"We feel comfortable being vulnerable.

"There’s a lot of thoughts that are in my head, and I’m trying to distinguish is it fear, is it my intuition speaking - what is it? But as soon as I try to SAY IT OUT LOUD, there are voices in my head that stop me from doing that. So I realized that in these exercises, all of these sessions with Vasavi, and being on Voxer, she’s given us a space where we feel comfortable being vulnerable and not being judged - not just others judging me, but me judging myself. 

When my voice is in my head, I can silence it - or I think I can silence it, but it keeps repeating itself. When I vocalize it, then I have to address it.  I knew that I had the same pattern and the same voices in my head, and no matter how much internal work I’ve done - how many books I’ve read and podcasts I’ve listened to - change hasn’t happened to the extent that I want it to happen.

In order to really take myself to the next level, the thing that’s stopping me is all of the subconscious thoughts that are in my head and they keep repeating themselves. Until I acknowledge them and vocalize them, I can’t change those subconscious thoughts. I have to get what’s inside my head out first."

think you may be a good fit?

The doors to SAY IT OUT LOUD open once a year.

We’re welcoming new members April 8th-22nd. This caps at 20 people. I’m not here to cram this group full. I’m here to give you the acceptance and profound understanding you need to put your voice first.

Join today IF YOu aRE READY TO:

Sort through the other voices in your head and learn how to be true to yours.

No longer let things that normally decenter you throw you on an emotional rollercoaster.

Move past insecurities and be more visible - to yourself, your business, and on camera.

Stop shaming yourself with intrusive thoughts and accepting them as fact.

Stop letting your subconscious thoughts take the driver’s seat (the ones you aren’t even aware of but are always there).

Stop being concerned about saying the “right thing”, and be clear and confident in who you are at every job interview and social gathering.

Stop censoring yourself and say what you actually feel rather than watering down your words .

How to Join

If you’re ready to jump into a judgment-free community of other amazing humans who will have your back…

And have constant access to a guide, every day, for 9 months (yes, I will reply every day if you wish)...

You can join us for less than the cost of 2 one-hour therapy sessions a month. 

The SAY IT OUT LOUD Group Program is for those looking for more support than just an hour or two a month.

While a Power Hour with me is $597, and a VIP day with me is $4,997, my 9-month SAY IT OUT LOUD Program is:



SAVE $200





I’m offering a bonus 30-minute 1:1 call with me to the first 10 people who join.

Tell me what’s taking up your mental energy these days. 

It’s time you hear your voice above all the noise in your head (and out of it). If not now, then when? (SAY IT OUT LOUD)

As soon as you join, you’ll get an email with:
  • Your Zoom link for our upcoming calls
  • A link to schedule a call with me (if you’re part of the first 10 to join) 
  • Info to download Voxer (we kick-off the Voxer group on April 23rd)! 

- Sonia

"There’s been a change in how I approach things.

"I’m more bold and much more assertive now - in a good way! I’m less afraid to take chances than I was before. I don’t sell myself short.

Vasavi and the girls in the group are like the sisters I’ve always wanted. Honestly, I feel so excited every week when I do 1:1 calls and when I get together with the girls in the group because of that profound understanding, acceptance, and support that we have for one another. 

We have so much interaction on Voxer and it feels good! Vasavi is like the sister I’ve always wanted. It just feels so good to have that kind of person - the one who you know has your back, the one who will check up on you if you’re not ok. She’s there to make sure she can be there for you in certain ways. It’s really nice to have that person be there to show up.

This group is very much in ways like group therapy, and it’s nice to get that support. Believe me, I’ve been in group therapies run by professionals before - people who were therapists. Out of the group therapies I’ve attended before, Vasavi is one of the best leaders that you could ever want in a “group therapy”. It helps you feel like you’re less alone with everything that you’re going through.

- Jason

"Vasavi is a very talented coach and she kind of just has a way of changing your worldview.

"The biggest transformation that I experienced is getting more comfortable saying my thoughts OUT LOUD versus keeping them in my head. As someone with OCD, it’s important for me to not be in my head - I have to be in my body. 

To others who are on the fence about joining, if you’re feeling like there are things that you’re constantly thinking about, but not actually talking about, this program will really transform that for you.

Vasavi is a very talented coach and she kind of just has a way of changing your worldview about things, specifically how you interact with the world. I tell her that she’s changed my life all the time."

- Amanda

"Having a safe place to say those feelings OUT LOUD has a lot of power.

"I wasn’t sure if it was going to be flexible because I’m super busy with all the things that I do, and I felt like if I missed her calls as they were happening I didn’t know if I could get as much out of it by playing them back - but I really did!

I think the Voxer group made it super flexible so that I was able to listen to the playback, give feedback, share in real time, and connect with everyone in the group. So if I missed an actual call as it was happening it wasn’t a big deal, and that was really helpful!

I had a lot of negative voices in my head, and I didn’t really know what to do with them. I really learned from Vasavi that having a safe place to say those feelings OUT LOUD has a lot of power. Having a safe place to say things that are going on in your head OUT LOUD just gives you a sense of letting that weight go and really being able to start your new chapter without feeling the heaviness that shame can cause."

- Megan

"I learned how to use my voice. 

"When I joined the SAY IT OUT LOUD Group, I was going through some things personally and I knew this was a skill that would help me in my relationships, but my focus going into this was more so for my business and how I could be showing up in a much better way and using my voice in a much better way. 

We were really able to see how saying it OUT LOUD affects us in different areas of our lives, and how it transcends all of these different spaces. We were able to tackle how we speak to ourselves in many different ways and how we can show up in much better ways. I really love that. I learned how to use my voice. 

For those on the fence about joining, at the end of the day, we can be our best friend or we can be our worst enemy. We are oftentimes the meanest that anyone else could ever be to ourselves, and that can and will affect everything in our lives. So when we truly tap in, check in, and really learn how to speak to ourselves and how to use our voice, be surprised by the changes and the domino effect that end up happening. When the intrusive thoughts come in, when that mean voice comes in that wants to shame me, which is my own voice, I’m so much better about checking in, allowing that voice to say it all, and then pausing and thinking about how I really want to move forward as opposed to me taking those thoughts as fact."

- Brittney

"The space that this group creates allows you to be very open and receive positive feedback.

"I’ll catch myself during the day if something’s going wrong, and instead of just beating myself up, seeing how I can turn that voice around into something a little more kind and polite. 

The people within the group make the group. Vasavi is fantastic and the reason I signed up, but once we’re in the group the vulnerability that you feel, the comfortability that you have to just share yourself, and the feedback that you get from other people is just unlike any other space. The space that this group creates allows you to be very open and receive positive feedback."


When is the official start date of the Say It Out Loud group?

We officially kick off our first session on April 23, 2024 at 11am CST / 12pm EST

Do you offer payment plans?

We have a payment plan plus a buy now pay later option as well. 

How do I know if this program is right for me?

You want to feel confident, speak with confidence, be bold, and courageously go after your dreams? SAY IT OUT LOUD IS PERFECT FOR YOU. 

How long is the Say It Out Loud group program?

Say It Out Loud has an official start date of April 23, 2024 and will continue on for a minimum of 9 months. During this time I will cover all my intended topics for the group. There is no official end date because this group is my signature program and the intention is to teach you everything I know in order for you to become the QUEEN of SAYING IT OUT LOUD. 

If you're into being more honest, electric, and BOLD about who you are + what you want... you've come to the right place.