Even if it's a little weird and quirky (especially if it's weird and quirky).

After working with me, you'll be speaking “I could listen to them all day” words to your audience. You will instantly become a magnet for opportunities and find yourself growing your visibility with confidence and boldness.

Bold Voice is a LIVE program for thought leaders, storytellers, and entrepreneurs who are in the season of refining their voice. I invite you to join me on this heartfelt journey of finding your voice and living authentically!

It's time to let people EXPERIENCE YOU.


Welcome message from Vasavi

real results

I would shrink when I walked into rooms, because I didn’t know my value. I constantly second guessed myself.

- Alex Davis, Financial Empowerment Coach


My biggest takeaway was gaining awareness of how nasty I spoke to myself— then learning and choosing to speak with more compassion instead! Also, shining no matter the room, I’m in. It’s still a work in progress but night and day before the program.

"Vasavi’s book and process of “Saying It Out Loud” has changed my life. Point. Blank. Period."

- Jason Buchel, Actor + Coach


Her groundbreaking frameworks have unlocked relentless honesty in my life both within myself and everyone I engage with. By getting this honest with myself, I’ve now been able to coach others to do the same by tapping into their own intuition or truth.

"This is not just a program on how to talk to yourself, but rather a deep dive into becoming a more authentic you."

There is so much power in speaking your truth and befriending the different versions of you, and Vasavi guides you through prompts and practices that empower you to do just that—Say It Out Loud and own your truth!

- Megan Thompson, Yoga Teacher + Coach


You've landed here, and...

You Know You Can Be BOLDER

You're not here to whisper in the shadows. Oh no! You're ready to step up, amplify your voice, and unleash your inner rockstar communicator. You know that a powerful voice is the ultimate game-changer, and you're itching to claim your spotlight.

You Crave Connections that Go BOOM

Boring small talk? Not your style! You're on a quest for real, raw, and authentic connections that make hearts skip a beat. You understand that communication is an art, and you want to master the skill of creating mind-blowing connections that leave people in awe.

You're a Magnetic Force, Being Unapologetically Yourself

Being magnetic is not about putting on a show or pretending to be someone you're not. It's about embracing your unique quirks, unleashing your authenticity, and leaving a lasting impression wherever you go. You're ready to be the truest, boldest version of yourself in every situation, and let your natural charm and charisma shine!

My wish for you...

Is to Live Your Life OUT LOUD.

Most of us live our lives waiting for permission and an invitation to pursue greatness. We hold back our bold voice.

But in doing so, we hold back our full radiance, expression, and impact that we're here to deliver to the world.  

What if you could show up with bold energy?

What if you could cultivate a bold presence?

What if you could feel bold expansion?


Refine your bold voice and have better communication online and in real life.

Stop censoring yourself and start speaking with confidence, so that you give your audience the REAL you.

Increase your visibility and practice speaking out loud in a safe environment.

Get used to being seen and heard for the whole person that you are.

this is for you.


Live Group Calls

Monthly 90-min LIVE group coaching calls with Vasavi to help you show up, speak, answer prompts, and connect with like-minded peers.

Co-Working Sessions

Picture this: a buzzing (virtual) workspace filled with passionate individuals, all working on their own projects but coming together to share knowledge, expertise, and camaraderie. A total of three 90-min sessions together.

Training Sessions

We all need a place where we can practice speaking in a new way — whether you’re prepping for a keynote, Instagram Live, or about to have a difficult conversation with a colleague or loved one. A total of five 90-min sessions together.

Private Community

This is where the JUICE is. Throughout the entirety of the program, you will be a part of our Voxer community chat, the walkie-talkie app that will keep you connected and in the practice of saying it out loud on a consistent basis!

program DATES


We will meet 2-3 times a month on Thursdays from 11 - 1230pm CST

We will be covering the following themes throughout the program:

Energy MANAGEMENT, presence, personality, Authentic connection, storytelling, and expansion of self-expression.

we are going to have so much fun

SEPT 7 + 21
Oct 5, 12 + 19
nov 2 + 16
Dec 7 + 14
Jan 18 + 25
Feb 8, 15 + 22

If You're Ready to Build Your Bold Voice And Become A Magnet For New Opportunities, Get On the Waitlist As We're Only Taking A Limited Number of Students To Keep The Experience Intimate And Accountable

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“One of the best things that I have ever done for myself was hiring Vasavi.”

I have met the most amazing people and they will become lifelong friends. I will cherish the moments of seeing everyone grow!

— Susanna M.

“Working with Vasavi is like having my own personal cheerleader.”

Knowing she believes in me and has my back gives me the ability to move forward each day no matter what hurdles I face. I am truly, truly grateful to Vasavi for keeping me sane, grounded, and focused. And I don’t even want to imagine where I would be right now without her help.

— Nicole B.

“Vasavi has been instrumental in the growth of my business and my relationship with it.”

With Vasavi in my corner achieving my business goals and continue to establish that successful relationship with my business has become easier. Vasavi is professional, holds you accountable, and pushes you to reach your potential. I am grateful for Vasavi.

— Yeraldin E.

“Vasavi really cares about the people she works with.”

I felt like I could open up to her and I knew I’d be heard. If there was something I was struggling with I knew we would work together and figure out a solution.

— Becca S.

“More than anything I learned that my voice matters.”

Working with Vasavi ended up being way more than what I thought I had signed up for. I really thought I was going to go in and learn stuff about creating content. I however was not ready for learning so much about myself and what I was holding myself back with. More than anything I learned that my voice matters. That people want to hear what I have to say and I need to speak up. I need to not hide behind words that don’t sound like me. Learning how to use tools to help organize and create more flow.

— Katie N.

“I don’t have imposter syndrome at all anymore.”

This training program took me from “Who do I think I am doing this?” to “Of COURSE I am doing this. Who am I to NOT be doing this? I must keep going.” It laid plans and accountability in front of me. It surrounded me with women that were interested in achieving the same things and had goals like mine even if they were in different sectors or stages in business. They were also having struggles with the same blocks I was even if it was presenting differently for them, personally.

— Kristi A.


What if I don't have enough time?

All calls are recorded and you get sent replays! Plus this is meant to be fun, not stressful.

What if I can't afford it?

We have payment plans with no added interest. If you need additional support please email info@vasavikumar.com

How do I know if this program is right for me?

You want to feel confident, speak with confidence, be bold, and courageously go after your dreams? BOLD VOICE is great for you.

What type of professional is the BOLD VOICE training program for?

This program is for any professional that is ready to live BOLDLY and pursue their dreams while also staying true to themselves. You are also ready to take on those opportunities that you may have once passed up because you now have the confidence to fully express yourself!

What if I don't know want to get out of the program?

We are fully customized for you! I take the time to get to know every single person in this small intimate program.

What if I’m shy and have a hard time speaking in group settings?

Bold voice is perfect for you because this is the perfect environment to practice using your voice and speaking in group settings. It is encouraged! And people who join often want to get better at channeling their shyness and being verbally self-expressed!

Do I need to be an entrepreneur to join BOLD VOICE?

You do not have to be an entrepreneur! You just have to have a strong passion for living BOLDLY.

If you're into being more honest, electric, and BOLD about who you are + what you want... you've come to the right place.