“Read every line of this book; let them soak in. Your voice needs to be heard. It’s time for you to say it out loud.”

— Lisa Nichols —
New York Times bestselling author of Abundance Now

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Praise for say it out loud

Say It Out Loud is the antidote to the parts of ourselves that still suffer in silence.”

For the person who has picked up this book in the hopes of reconnecting with your inner voices and different parts of yourself, I have no doubt that it will change your life. Trust that you have been divinely guided to reach for this volume because some part of you chose it. Read every line of this book; let them soak in. Your voice needs to be heard. It’s time for you to say it out loud.

— Lisa Nichols, New York Times bestselling author of Abundance Now

“Say It Out Loud is so original!”

The fundamental idea that saying something out loud alone has power is totally new to me, and from practicing, I can already see how impactful it can be. Vasavi Kumar has been through so much, and she hasn’t wasted it, because she’s got wisdom up the wazoo. What she suggests in this book will probably make you uncomfortable, as it did me, and that’s a really good thing.

— Kate Northrup, bestselling author of Do Less 

“Say It Out Loud is a game changer!”

Vasavi Kumar shows you how to use the power of your own voice to courageously pursue your dreams. With Vasavi’s fun and focused guidance, you’ll discover that your voice really does have the power to create a better life.

— Izabella Wentz, PharmD, New York Times bestselling author of Hashimoto’s Protocol

“Vasavi's book and process of “Saying It Out Loud” has changed my life. Point. Blank. Period.”

Her groundbreaking frameworks have unlocked relentless honesty in my life both within myself and everyone I engage with. By getting this honest with myself, I've now been able to coach others to do the same by tapping into their own intuition or truth. My favorite chapter has got to be the one on resistance—so relatable! Thank you Vasavi for sharing your wisdom with the world and helping me achieve next-level trust within myself by saying it out loud.

— Jason Buchel, Actor and Intuitive Decision-Making Coach

Say It Out Loud gets to the root of what blocks our true creative potential from being fulfilled.”

Vasavi Kumar has lived through her own personal trials and tribulations and fully understands the specific challenges that every human being faces when it comes to speaking to ourselves with love and respect. This book is a must-have on your nightstand, reminding you to share your truth unapologetically as Vasavi, so raw and real, does in this book.

— Dr. Neeta Bhushan, bestselling author of That Sucked. Now What?

“I know the brilliance of Vasavi Kumar firsthand.”

This book is sure to ignite a new energy within you and your ability to clearly claim the life of your dreams.

— Alyson Charles, bestselling author of Animal Power 

“The future belongs to the brave.”

Vasavi Kumar lights the way in her bold, fun, courageous personal development debut.

— Judi Holler, bestselling author of Fear Is My Homeboy

“Vasavi Kumar is a powerful voice for women who are ready to reclaim their power.”

— Selena Soo, creator of Impacting Millions 

Say It Out Loud is a beautiful invitation to learn the language of ourselves.”

The book spoke to me deeply, and I couldn’t put it down. Vasavi Kumar’s transparency is refreshing, and her fiery support and tested tools are the guide we need to speak our deepest fears, needs, and desires out into the world. The powerful exercises in Say It Out Loud will challenge you — and they’re meant to. On the other side of this narrative shift and emotional unearthing are the transformation and joy you deserve. It’s time to turn up the volume on your life — and this book will get you there.

— Richelle Fredson, book publishing coach and host of Bound + Determined podcast

“This isn’t just a book on self-talk. Say It Out Loud is a lifestyle.”

It’s the permission slip we all need to start talking to the voices in our head, rather than being influenced by all of those around us.

— Ajit Nawalkha, co-founder of Evercoach and author of Live Big 

“Say It Out Loud is the master plan you need to amplify your voice and your life.”

No more living silenced and distanced from your truth. This book is a must read to move you from unspoken to unstoppable.

— Michelle Madrid, Author of Let Us Be Greater: A Gentle, Guided Path to Healing For Adoptees

Say It Out Loud is a masterclass that teaches you how to offer compassion, creativity, and acceptance to your painful inner narratives.”

— Silvy Khoucasian, MA, relationship expert and writer

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Embrace your bold voice.

In a world that encourages conformity, we need more bold voices to rise up and advocate for what truly matters: love and connection.

Here’s the thing—we talk to ourselves all the time, but how often are we really paying attention to what we're saying. When you take the time to say, hear, and question what you've been telling yourself, you'll realize that most of what you "know" about yourself is untrue—passed down from your family, peers, society, media and our cultural upbringing.

It’s time to change the conversation you’re having with yourself. It’s time to SAY IT OUT LOUD!

If you're into being more honest, electric, and BOLD about who you are + what you want... you've come to the right place.