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There is literally no reason for you to be introducing yourself onto the stage. This is where I come in. I'm the ultimate hype-woman and my mission is to help you look, sound, and feel your most relaxed and best self on your special day. 

Done are the days where you run around doing ALL THE THINGS. Partner with me and bring the additional dose of energy and vibrancy to your event and audience.

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"Vasavi helped me really settle into the role of the talent, the star, the author—and with her structure and hosting abilities, I got to be celebrated!"

Her enthusiastic dedication and commitment to creating the exact experience you want as the “star” is so helpful, especially when you’re championing yourself. Having a host like Vasavi is like hiring a professional hype-woman who knows how to make you look your best, entertain the crowd, and hold the space so you don’t have to. SO many of my guests commented on how awesome she was. 10/10 would recommend booking her as a host for your event!

- Amanda Bucci, author of Followed


"Vasavi’s charismatic personality as a host drew the audience in right from the very beginning of the event.

Her enchanting stage presence and hilarious sense of humor made the event a delightful and engaging experience for me and everyone who attended.

- Silvy Khoucasian, Relationship Expert


"Vasavi's infectious enthusiasm and engaging personality as an emcee brought an electrifying energy to the event.

Her charming and animated presence had the audience hanging on to her every word.

- Angie Lee, Co-Founder of Soul CBD


"Vasavi is a fun, engaging and high-energy emcee. She was born to do this work. I highly recommend her!"

- Selena Soo, Creator of Impacting Millions


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Send me a quick note on my contact form and we'll schedule a call to discuss your unforgettable event.

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Together we'll co-create a memorable and engaging event that perfectly aligns with your vision.

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Let go of stress and fully enjoy your event.  Relax and fully immerse with me by your side.

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When you hire me as your emcee

I'll infuse your event with energy, enthusiasm, and a touch of magic. I'll expertly navigate the flow of your program, ensuring seamless transitions and keeping your audience fully engaged from start to finish. With my knack for improvisation and my ability to connect with diverse audiences, I'll create an inclusive and vibrant atmosphere that everyone will remember.

Let's great an unforgettable experience, together that your audience will be talking about for years to come.

Client Love

From the moment she took the stage, her vibrant energy and impeccable hosting skills set the tone for an unforgettable evening. As an author, I wanted to relax and fully embrace the moment, and Vasavi made that possible. Her presence and guidance throughout the event allowed me to be at ease, knowing that everything was being expertly handled. 

Not only did Vasavi excel in maintaining the flow of the event, but her charismatic personality and engaging stage presence kept the audience captivated. Her seamless transitions, witty banter, and skillful interaction with guests created an atmosphere of excitement and connection.

If you're seeking an emcee who will elevate your event, engage your audience, and make sure everything runs like clockwork, look no further than Vasavi.  She is a true professional who knows how to create an atmosphere of relaxation, allowing you to fully embrace the moment and celebrate your special occasion.”

—Dr. Neeta Bhushan—
bestselling author of That Sucked, Now What?

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