Putting the ‘ME’ in Media



Get ready to become a prepared, confident and savvy guest

As the former cohost of Studio512, a lifestyle and entertainment morning show here in Austin, TX, I really love helping people feel comfortable in front of the camera.

When I first started my cohosting job, there were so many moving parts to being on live television that it took a while for me to truly get comfortable in my skin amidst everything that was going on around me.

From having three cameras to navigate, getting time cues in my ear, having to be engaging and conversational with my guests, and knowing how to graciously and energetically open and close a segment, I have had my fair share of training.

While I’m no longer the cohost, there is SO much that I have learned when it comes to YOU, the potential guest.

  • How to pitch your segment idea
  • Coming up with memorable content
  • What to wear
  • Timing yourself
  • Hitting all your talking points
  • Calming your nerves before a segment
  • Becoming a repeat guest that will win over viewers

Whether you want to put yourself out there via Facebook Live, Instagram LIVE, YouTube, Television, or even as a guest on a podcast, there is ONE thing that all of these platforms have in common and that is YOUR PERSONALITY.

Now, I’m not saying I’m going to help you develop your personality. The truth is, your personality is pretty much developed. What I am saying is that when you feel confident in your skin, and excited about your subject matter, your natural, fun, and free personality will shine through- so that you can express yourself clearly and position yourself as the expert in whatever field you are in.

You might be wondering, “Hey Vas, you were only a Cohost for six months…what can you possibly teach me?”

Enough to get you ready to put yourself out there confidently.

Enough that even if you do get a few “NOs” you won’t give up.

Enough to teach you that you have the power to stay grounded and calm regardless of your surroundings.

Enough to help you craft a pitch that makes sense and clearly articulates who you and what you do, and more importantly, how you will demonstrate all of it. 

And lastly, enough to make you understand that you DO have a gift and with the precise amount of preparation and confidence, you will be the person you’ve always wanted to become.

If you have an idea, product, service or message that you’ve been “trying” to get out there only to receive NO’s- allow me to help you.

Next step: Set up a free 30-minute “Putting the ME in Media” call with me here me here.

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