Do you feel like you’ve tried everything from reading books, to buying advice, to signing up for digital courses and programs that are now sadly tucked away somewhere in your computer?

Do you know deep down that you have what it takes but need guidance, direct and honest feedback, and someone who’s going to tell you like it is, no matter how “harsh” it may seem?

Do you feel like with every product or service you buy, there is always a catch or an upsell? For example, you spend $297 on a program thinking, “YES, this is the answer to my problem!” only to be told that in order to go further or get more, make more, and have more you need to now spend another $3997?

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Are you wondering on a daily basis:


Here’s why. When you buy these programs and coaches, no one actually shows you how to implement what you’re learning. From the minute you get your product you are on your own. And, the only way you can ever work someone one-on-one is by paying even more money (that you don’t have).

Yeah. I hear you. I know this all too well because that was me, charging my American Express Gold card left and right. I had all the right intentions. I really did. But you know what I didn’t have?

Access to someone who really listened to me.


I have spent over $400K on my personal and professional development. I’ve made some expensive mistakes. And I’ve also a learned a lot from those mistakes.

The goal here is for me to help bridge the gap between your fantasy and your reality.

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I can help you with anything related to:

  • Self-promotion
  • Gaining visibility
  • Creating programs, products, and services that are aligned with what your customers need
  • Content creation
  • Pitching yourself
  • Becoming a BOSS at having sales conversations

The best part? It’ll be totally aligned with  your values. Not some online guru who says there is only one way to do something.

This is about doing it YOUR way.

My seven years in business have taught me a lot. What I value the most are all the things that I learned NOT to do.

I’m a firm believer in making sure we are a good fit so please email me to see if we are and let’s take it from there.

This is what I want to share with you As I help you get clear, focused, intentional, and in action.

“When I first got on the phone with Vasavi, I was all over the place. I had no idea that in 90 minutes I could become so clear AND be productive. Vasavi has the type of insight that is rare. She’s smart, savvy, and has a ton of experience with pretty much anything related to entrepreneurship and life. By the end of my session I knew EXACTLY what I needed to do. She’s as real as you can get. If you want get clear and actually move forward with your ideas, RENT VASAVI’S BRAIN!!!” -Melinda R.

Our session is $250 for 90 minutes.

Want to talk to me first to share what your needs are before you jump in all the way?

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