I LOVE to see my clients have success in their life. By the way, the love is mutual. And the results are fun-omenal.

You were born with this powerful presence, you were born to speak! Keep up your amazing work, women NEED you!

Lisa Nichols

Best-selling author, global speaker, featured teacher in The Secret and CEO of Motivating the Masses


Vasavi is radically different – in the BEST way – from others in her field. Her blend of straight-talkin’ love, myth-bustin’ mindset tools, and truth-tellin’ boldness makes me want to be in action every day. She inspires me to do even better on my own path. She gets IT and best of all, she gets ME.
Jennifer Kem, Marketing Strategist and Brand Expert, JenniferKem.com


In the past year, Vasavi has guided me HOME. I have returned to the person I was.
Enza Checchia, CEO, Decorenza




Vasavi walks her talk! And even though sometimes she is tough on you, she is doing it for your own good. She is always to the point, always clear, always strong, and always willing to push you forward.
Vanessa Musi

It was a true pleasure being a guest expert on Vasavi’s show. It’s very informative and entertaining.

John Gray

Ph.D, #1 NY Times Bestselling Author, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus


Vasavi’s dynamic personality and knowledge of professional coaching will attract you to her, but her IMPACT on you and your business will KEEP you working with her.
Paige White, Mike Perz & Associates



I could share freely and be heard, yet be challenged to rise to the greatness within me without feeling condemned. I began to DESIRE and DREAM again…no matter what the circumstances or people in my life.
Chantel Clock, Director of Client Services, Clockwork Financial


Aurea Victoria

Vasavi will take you to the edge of your comfort zone! At first I was uncomfortable with this, but then I realized it was all part of the process and it was necessary if I was going to change. She teaches you how to allow things to happen—how to just get out of the way and let them happen—and this was definitely the most difficult lesson for me to learn.
Vasavi cuts the bullshit, but is compassionate and honest with you. She is direct, but not at all a prickly pear. I admire that she talks the talk and walks the walk, admire that she is going out and getting it, and admire that she encourages others to do the same.
Aurea Victoria


I felt part of her entrepreneur family. I definitely recommend her to professionals and entrepreneurs looking for information to stepping into their power with their given talents.

Sonia Choquette

#1 NY Times Bestselling Author


…her advice, her willingness to stay committed to holding me accountable (not only to my business obstacles, but my personal ones) allowed me to grow as the person I really wanted to be.
Thelma Pimental, Owner, Turning Point Insurance



Vasavi is the ultimate “Result-Getter”. I am excited about my personal continued success as a result of her services.
Melissa Robinson, President, Black Health Care Coalition




Brenda Barbosa

I love how approachable and accessible Vasavi is—she is a superstar, and yet makes time for you!
Brenda Barbosa



Patty Siller

Vasavi is spot on with whatever program she comes up with! She is honest about her past and successful in spite of it. And because of that, even though we have never meet, I always feel connected to her and always feel empowered by her fearless action. If you can handle her straight talk, which I can guarantee you will get, then you will want to work with Vasavi immediately!
Patty Siller



One of the most enjoyable interviews I’ve ever done, and I’ve been on everything from Fox Business to CNN Headline News. Vasavi, you rock!

Ali Brown

Entrepreneur Mentor and CEO


Working with Vasavi has literally changed my life, she is my angel! I am not the same person I was. I’m much more confident and I now have the courage to just be me. No matter what anyone else does, thinks or says. And I love it! I show up more powerful in my relationships, in my business with my clients and team members. And because I’ve learned to love myself unconditionally, I can truly and sincerely love others. Lavada Thompson, Lucrative Online Launch Specialist


I love Vasavi’s style! She is very down to earth and just tells it like it is. It is so easy to relate to her because she is just one of us – a REAL person.
Karen Salter, CEO, HIT Virtual Assistants

Kate Gardner

Before working with Vasavi, I had worked with a number of life coaches—I had a lot of crap I needed to work through: domestic abuse, sexual abuse, and the effects of a stroke—each coach removed a layer. Vasavi helped me remove the final layer, and I would not be where I am today if it had not been for her. Today, after an extremely tough and emotional journey, I am an international bestselling author, and I have future books planned. I never thought I would be a writer, never thought I could—I wasn’t a good speller, I had poor grammar, I skipped out on school—and each time I put up a block, Vasavi would remove it, saying, “Okay, now what? Give me another excuse.”
Kate Gardner


One of the most enjoyable interviews I’ve ever done about being truly happy in life.

Marci Shimoff

#1 NY Times Bestselling Author, Happy for No Reason, Love for No Reason, and Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul


If I were to describe Vasavi in one word, it would be genuine. She’s got a straight-shooter style that cuts to the chase and she isn’t afraid to tackle the “tough stuff”. She’s also very compassionate and generous, all of which are qualities that make a great coach and colleague. She truly cares. Holly Berberich, Online Marketing Consultant, Berberich International



Rarely have I met one with such energy and evident self-affirmation, that what “she” is manifesting in life is purposed with passion! Vasavi Kumar has ignited me from the stuck position to one where I consider the obstacle, namely fear, and embrace it with courage to move with purpose and passion. Yes, Vasavi is contagious! She provides insightful nuggets and provocative punches to remind each of her client friends to reach for their dream. Consider the S.O.U.R.C.E. and become you! I did and I couldn’t be happier!
Melanie Loyd, In It For Life Equipping Coach


Vasavi is a phenomenal life coach and does bi-weekly segments on our morning tv show that have proved wildly popular because of her no-nonsense approach to tackling life’s dilemmas. She’s whippit-smart, quick, funny, sharp and yes — no-nonsense.
Michael Mackie, Host of Kansas City Live



It was a pleasure to connect with Vasavi on the matters of the soul, of love, and of transformation. She’s a joy to speak with.

Arielle Ford

Bestselling Author, Wabi Sabi Love


When I met Vasavi Kumar, I was already in search of a way to get unstuck. My coaching experiences in the past had helped to move my life forward, however, I needed a transformation and found it by working with Vasavi. In our initial session, Vasavi asked poignant and key questions that uncovered what was missing in my life and I knew I needed to work with her. She helped me to trust myself – who I am, my decisions, and where I was going in my professional work. She crafted simple and effective assignments and challenges to do between our coaching sessions and I was eager to take them on. The power came not only in doing the challenges but also in the discussion with Vasavi after the challenges. Now, I receive feedback about how I’ve grown, about the renewed confidence I exude, and about the ease in which I relate to others in my personal and professional life.
Aimee Wilson, Occasions to Savor


Through your interaction with Vasavi, your life will never be the same; this goddess of rain and thunder will cause you to have a transformational shift that is life changing. The rain causes areas of your life to flourish and grow, while the thunder shakes your core, causing that which you’ve been holding on to, to be released as you step into your own power and purpose. A gem, a gift, and inspiration, I am humbled and honored to call her both, a mentor and friend. Embrace your S.O.U.R.C.E.
Sarah Fletcher, Professional Coach & Developmental Specialist, Greatness Realized


Looking for a knowledgeable, energetic, knows-her-stuff kind of speaker? Look no further than Vasavi Kumar. This chick has IT ALL!! Vasavi delivers a no-nonsense, powerful and unabashed message. I thoroughly enjoyed hosting her as a keynote for The Divine Business Shift Telesummit. Not only was Vasavi a pleasure to work with behind the scenes, she very naturally had my guests’ undivided attention – and received RAVE reviews. I don’t know anyone more devoted to their mission. They don’t call her the Keepin-It-Real Guru for nothing!!
Kerry Swetmon, CEO & Founder, Life Business Growth


Deep Talk is the real deal. Vasavi Kumar, is truly an original voice in an ocean of annoying echoes.

Simon T. Bailey

Leader of Release Your Brilliance Movement


Elizabeth Hernandez

I actually found Vasavi because I was looking for a mentor—a role model—someone who was authentic and credible. There are so many life coaches now that it can be difficult to find someone you connect with, someone who will guide you, and someone who is real and reliable. Vasavi is that someone for me! And her simplicity and confidence—she actually does videos without make-up!—gave me the opportunity to realize the authenticity in that simplicity, and gave me the confidence to not be perfect.

My work with Vasavi began with her program, The Art of Taking Confident Action. I embraced everything according to her perspective and it helped me move my business forward. By implementing her strategies and viewpoints, I noticed substantial change, and she also helped me get a game plan together for how I could sustain that change. The community support in our private Facebook group was also incredibly valuable—I loved having others help keep me accountable and I was always looking forward to the daily accountability.

Vasavi’s coaching works because she is so knowledgeable, so honest, so open, and so able to relate to others. Plus, to see someone like Vasavi, who has worked through so much personally, you can’t help but admire her! I love how personal she is, how even though she has a business to run, she is approachable, warm, and welcoming.
Elizabeth Hernandez