I have been extremely pleased with the coaching sessions that I have had with Vasavi over the last 6 months. I find it difficult to admit that at first I was skeptical that these sessions were what I really needed to help me with my business challenges.  What I quickly came to realize, is that her advice, her willingness to stay committed to holding me accountable (not only on my business obstacles, but with my personal ones) allowed me to grow as the person I really want to be.  She helped me discover my true inner beauty and provided me with the tools I needed to grow professionally, emotionally and spiritually and for that I am truly grateful.

Thank you, Vasavi, for the wisdom you’ve shared and the love you’ve expressed towards me. It is quite obvious you are passionate about your work and your clients.  Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to discover a new friendship built on compassion and truth. ~ Thelma P.

I am so grateful for the day that I connected with  Vasavi at a conference where she was showcased because what came up for me after working with her for just 15 minutes has completely and utterly changed my life! Even if I didn’t ever begin “the work” with her, I was already changed forever by that 15 minute interaction with her.

She has a gift for guiding you into the unchartered waters of your deep emotional essence and pulling up what you need to hear.  It’s really the most authentic you and its buried deep, so deep that  without her navigating you there and making you work hard, you could never have heard it.  I have been astounded on a weekly basis at what comes up that I had no idea was even there.

I have let go of guilt that had absolutely no reason whatsoever for being in my life in the first place because Vasavi showed me that whatever is in your life is what you have created and you can recreate what you don’t need or want.  Although I have always been the type to acknowledge others I now practice acknowledging myself  all day long.  I give myself the same understanding and compassion that I so freely give to others. I know now that I AM worthy to receive from myself all of the wonderful things I give out to those in my life.

The major shift for me has been an overall sense of peace and finding out surprisingly, that it does not make me slower or less productive it makes me BETTER.    I notice all those around me uttering the same words and ideas that I used to use before working with Vasavi and I find myself sharing the wisdom she gives me.  Its extraordinary to see  how little bits of wisdom can inspire and give hope to others.  What I am learning from Vasavi, I am sharing with others and that brings me so much happiness.  After all life is a classroom…sometimes you’re learning and sometimes you’re teaching.

Transformations for me have occurred everywhere in my life.  My business has shifted to a focus of wellbeing for the TEAM and not just the well being of the CLIENTS.  There is more laughing and eating sweets in the back room and an overall happiness to be together in our team.  The shifts at home have created a new me who is really present.  Home is a haven for our family to laugh, be silly and just talk…a lot!   All the while I am happy that working on me gives my daughters (18 & 22yrs old) an example of firstly looking to be better by doing the work and secondly seeing the tremendous results that can happen when you are willing to be responsible for everything in your life and take the steps to re create your life from a wonderful place of confidence, compassion and love. ~ Enza C.

I have recently had the opportunity to build a relationship with Vasavi on a personal basis and working on the beginning of a professional relationship. Her dynamic personality and knowledge of professional coaching will attract you to her, but her impact on you and your business will keep you working with her.  ~ Paige W.
I signed up for coaching with Vasavi after doing a complimentary group coaching call. I was so inspired and filled with hope and possibility that I did not have to be a victim anymore. I was also scared of the unknown of what it would look like to BE living free and joyfilled. The setting of coaching was a powerful setting in my life that brought me to tears many times because it was a SAFE setting where I felt like I could BE ALL of ME…..everything inside. I could share freely and be heard and be challenged to rise to the greatness within me without feeling condemned or attacked or scared. It was a loving, safe, constructive environment where there were no judgements and only observations and encouragements. It was the first time I remember feeling like it was safe and GOOD to be all of me with another human being. It was a breath of fresh air. I began to realize that the freedom I felt/experienced on the coaching call was something I was created to enjoy and able to have in my life on a daily basis. And I began to desire to be free from the cage I was in emotionally and mentally. I started to realize who I AM and what I WANT and began to realize that nothing could stop me from ACHIEVING GREATNESS inside myself and in the practical areas of my life. I began to DESIRE and DREAM again…maybe for the first time from a place of Love instead of Fear. I began to realize that I CAN live from a position of LOVE and JOY no matter the circumstances or people in my life. ~ Chantel C.
It is my great pleasure to recommend Vasavi Kumar as a professional coach.  Her coaching techniques, extensive knowledge and personable style, highly impressed me.  Conducting business with Vasavi has also been enjoyable and productive, due in large part to her dedication, professionalism and commitment to coaching others to their greatness.

Throughout the coaching experience/monthly sessions Vasavi has demonstrated that she is a person of vision, capable of effortlessly moving others to clearly identified goals and objectives.  She has demonstrated an energetic, creative and straightforward approach to helping me realize my limitless potential.  Vasavi is there to work with you through the process of living your life.  Because that’s what happens when you make plans for yourself, life kicks in and tosses you back and forth and Vasavi is a welcome port during that storm.

Making the decision to work with a professional coach is not something I approached lightly.  I am so pleased that I did not pass up the opportunity to work with and get to know Vasavi.  She really pays attention so she is able to hear what it really is that you are saying to her.  She helps you acknowledge your growth with every session and you feel empowered after talking with her, no matter how difficult or intense your session can be.

For these reasons, and many more, I gladly offer this testimonial for Vasavi Kumar who has proven to be an outstanding professional coach for me and could be for you- if you are ready to embrace the journey of reaching your limitless potential. ~ Dawn H.

For me, coaching has really shed some light on areas of my life that I have had trouble dealing with.  It’s hard for a person to take a step back and look inside of themselves to locate problem areas.  What is ever harder is taking action steps to improve those areas.  Vasavi is a strong believer in actions and has inspired me to be the same.  A major action that Vasavi has helped me take was to be proactive in my career goals.  I was almost paralyzed with fear and I decided to deal with it by completely avoiding any actions I had to take.  Vasavi helped me find the strength in myself to move past that fear and take steps to reaching a goal.  She helped me visualize a very real and tangible goal, something I was not able to do.  Vasavi has also helped me face relationships that were difficult for me with the same rigor.  I think the most important lesson that I learned from Vasavi was that all of the solutions to our problems come from within.  The strength and courage to face your goals can be found in yourself, and Vasavi helps you see your potential. ~ Anjali R.
It is an honor to recommend Vasavi Kumar for her life coaching capability and distinguished skill in developing others for success.  She is the ultimate “Result Getter”. Vasavi uses a compassionate and caring style of coaching with the perfect level of “toughness” that allowed me to push myself toward my intended outcomes. Her ability to engage others in their personal journey of reaching their dreams is commendable and I am sincerely grateful for her commitment to her profession. I am excited about Vasavi Kumar’s coaching career and my personal continued success as a result of her services. ~ Melissa R.
It is with great pleasure that I recommend Vasavi to you as a coach.  Her coaching techniques has helped me see things and respond differently.  She asks the questions that need to be asked and pushes when necessary.

Vasavi is a true professional.  She is respectful of your time and expects the same.  Through her coaching I have learned to embrace life and follow my dreams. If you are ready to experience the benefits of coaching Vasavi Kumar is the right person to help you reach your goals. You won’t be disappointed. ~ U.J.

I hired Vasavi Kumar as my coach to sharpen my interview skills.   I soon learned what I wanted to be — self employed.  I am now starting my own business. Vasavi listening skills are sharp.  She hears what you don’t hear yourself saying – “can’t, probably, should and how.”  Vasavi has the passion to make you succeed in what you discovered you want to be and the coaching to get you there. I have almost completed my third month of coaching with Vasavi and noticed the progress I have made.  I am still a diamond in the rough; but as Vasavi has told me “transformation isn’t a two minute microwave dinner.” This is an investment in yourself and you are worth it!  Schedule a consultation today to confirm you are ready to begin your coaching.

I am ready to shine. ~ Marie S.