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I love to hear the inspiring powerful presence you have.  Keep up the amazing work, women need you!

~ Lisa Nichols

It was a breath of fresh air. I began to realize that the freedom I felt/experienced on the coaching call was something I was created to enjoy and able to have in my life on a daily basis.

~ Chantel C.

Vasavi has a compassionate and caring style of coaching with the perfect level of toughness that allowed me to push myself toward my intended outcomes.

~ Melissa R.

I have something that I’ve been dying to get off my chest. So here goes: Whether you believe me or not, you were gifted this life to make a difference in the lives of others. Now, maybe you already know this. But in my line of work, I am always asked this one question: What is my purpose?why is finding my purpose so hard 

What if I told you that your purpose is as simple as: Discovering, learning about, creating, and being YOU. Like really? What if all you had to do was to show up each and every day as your most frickin’ fabulous self? And listen, I get it. Some days aren’t so hot. I’m not talking about being perfect. I’m talkng about being YOU.

And you my friend, were not put here on this Earth to be perfect.

Perfect is boring anyways and leads to high blood pressure and stress..not fun. I can’t imagine me NOT doing what I am doing in the world. Talking to people, listening about their dreams, their goals, and supporting them in getting exactly what they want. Essentially, a life designed by YOU, for YOU, so that you can be of service to OTHERS.

If figuring out what you want has been a struggle for you, I recommend two things:

— Check out my course, The Art of Taking Confident Action

— Schedule a 20-minute chat with where we can talk about ways that we can work together so you can stop trying to “figure things out” and start living on purpose.

There was a point in my life where i lived in a Vasavi bubble. When I got out of my little bubble, and started to focus my energy on “What can I do for you?”- that’s when my life totally shifted. But in order for me to walk down that path, i had to get crystal, like CRYSTAL clear on what i truly desired in my life FIRST. I’m not talking about the things that i wanted, I’m talking how i wanted to feel.

On today’s Keepin’ It Real, you’re going to learn that finding your purpose isn’t hard at all. After you watch this week’s vid, I would love to hear from you:

What does it mean to “live on purpose” for you?

Can’t wait to hear from you in the comments below.




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Which means today we’re going to be Keepin’ It Real (actually, that should be everyday 🙂

Today is an extra special episode because I have my girl, Sara Liz Davidson, right here from Kansas City join me on today’s Keepin’ It Real.

I love my girlfriends more than anything. But it wasn’t always this nice and sweet.


There was a point where I had very “iceberg” relationships (watch the video to know what I’m talking about).

One of the main obstacles that prevent people from having fulfilling and intimate relationships filled with substance is a lack of vulnerability. We walk around with these masks on our face, thinking we need to be someone else in order to be loved and accepted.

Well,, that’s WAY more work that just being you. And I understand. I was one of those people. I would say things to please people, I would do things to be accepted, and every time I wasn’t being 100% VASAVI— a part of me would die.

Watch today’s Keepin’ It Real with Sara and I where we talk all things, friendship, vulnerability, and keepin’ it real. By the way, if you are looking for a great read on this very topic, then I highly recommend Brene Brown’s book, Daring Greatly. Brene was featured on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday and she truly is a phenomenal researcher, storyteller, and expert on vulnerability. And, she’s a fellow Social Worker!!!!

Don’t try to win over the haters; you’re not a jackass whisperer. (click to tweet)

After you’re done watching, I would love for you to practice vulnerability in the discussion section below:

How do you know when you’re being vulnerable? How do you know when you’re wearing a mask? There is no shame in admitting if you have worn a mask. Most people DO!!!!!

I can’t wait to talk to you in the discussion below 🙂

Have a great week and here’s to you DARING GREATLY!!!!


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What a great experience getting to know so many amazing and dedicated women!!!

Junior League of Kansas City: Leadership Night

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Yesterday my father called me up wanting to learn about my “rules” for the art of conversation. Of course, there are no actual “rules.” My “rules” of conversation are simply different ways of being with people. Similar to my experience with art, conversation can go one of two ways: 1)You’re left wondering “WOW, that was beautiful,” or 2) “Man, what the heck was that about?” Of course, I’m not an art expert by any means. This is merely my interpretation. So, here’s what I shared with my lovely dad last night:

1. Not interrupting

Not cool. I get it. We all have brilliant thoughts and ideas. Interrupting is just not acceptable. One way of being with another person, is simply to listen to them. Notice when you are formulating your response instead of listening to the other person. I know that when I am interrupted, I feel that my words don’t matter. Consider that  there’s an opportunity to LEARN from the other person.

2. Being fully present.

We all know what active listening looks like. Direct eye contact, leaning forward, saying “Mmm Hmm” and “Ahh, yes” and “Tell me more.” What I’m pointing to is being fully present. What does that mean? For me, being fully present means that my ego is out of the picture. I’m not sitting there passing judgement. Instead, I have a natural curiosity about what the other person is saying. Now, Im not saying to kill your ego. We need our ego. Its function is to protect us. All I’m saying is to notice when that little voice in your head is passing judgement. The judgement is what’s keeping you from being present. No need to kill it off. Just notice it.

3.Noticing when you are compelled to say something.

You know this feeling. It’s that feeling where if you don’t say the thing that you HAVE to say- you will explode. It’s normal. We want to add value, or we want to get our point across, we want to be appreciated, and more often than not- we want to be RIGHT. Simply by noticing the compulsion to get your words out is a great way to practice truly being present. You’ll find reasons as to why you HAVE to say the thing that you HAVE to say. But, I promise you this, simply noticing the compulsion to say it- will slow down the process and allow you to more present in conversations with people.

4. Adding too much value

According to Marshall Goldsmith’s book, “What Got You Here Won’t Get You There,” successful people have twenty annoying habits. I love Habit #2: Adding Too Much Value. This habit refers to the overwhelming desire to add our two cents to every discussion. Listen, we all love to look good. We all love to seem like the smart kid in the classroom. But in conversation- it’s rude. I’m not saying you have to zip your lips. I’m pointing to the fact that it isn’t always about you winning.

5. Relatedness.

Ahhh. My favorite. I’ve recently taken on being human with other people. What that looks like for me is just BE with the other person. It’s not about looking good. For me, the value in being human is CONNECTION. No matter where we come from and where we’re going- we’re all humans. Unbelievably so, we’re much more similar than you think. Yes, even the person that you can’t stand and talk about behind their back. If you take the time to suspend your judgement and simply relate to one another- you’ll notice a shift in conversation.

6. Mentally checked out.

I love this quote by Richard Moss “The greatest gift you can give another is the purity of your attention.” When I’m on a coaching call with my  client, I sit facing a wall. Why? So, I can focus and be present! Next time you “check out” when someone is speaking- notice it. What had you check out? At what point did you decide that the other person’s words weren’t worth listening to?

The 6 “rules” are meant to make you wrong or judge what you may or may not be currently doing in conversation. It’s simply a place to practice and notice how you are being with other people. I suggest that you also apply these rules to how you converse with yourself. I’d be interested to know what shows up for you.


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