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I love to hear the inspiring powerful presence you have.  Keep up the amazing work, women need you!

~ Lisa Nichols

It was a breath of fresh air. I began to realize that the freedom I felt/experienced on the coaching call was something I was created to enjoy and able to have in my life on a daily basis.

~ Chantel C.

Vasavi has a compassionate and caring style of coaching with the perfect level of toughness that allowed me to push myself toward my intended outcomes.

~ Melissa R.

Today we’re talking about something every person on the planet has done! That’s right we’re diving into why we judge others and the bigger impact it has on our life.

Tune into my latest Keepin’ It Real video below for my insights on this highly debatable topic and then be sure to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Click play to dig in. Once you’re done watching, I would love to hear from you:

What do you think the judgments that you have about others say about how you’re judging yourself?

Let me know!



P.S. Want to conquer your judgments once and for all so you can truly be free? Check out my 21 day guide to freedom. 

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I’m loving my time here in India.  I’m happy, tan (yes, I know i’m already brown), and love spending every waking moment with my Self (most of the time).

It’s crazy how much I have been napping and how little I have been eating. For the first time in a long time I feel as if I am finally full. Except this time, I am full from life and being with myself.


That’s me and some coconuts. Can you believe that five coconuts were only $1.66!!!! Check out my Instagram if you want to see more of my photos from my trip to India.


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We all run into the same problem:

Work starts picking up, the to-do list gets longer, and little by little, your professional life starts to completely overwhelm your real life. Maybe you manage to keep everything in a delicate balance for a while, but before you know it, you’re completely swamped. Then exhausted. Then, burnout sets in.

Well, here’s the good news: burnout is completely, utterly avoidable.

And that’s what this week’s video is all about. So sit your busy-body-butt down for a moment, and take a look:

What’s the best way to sidestep burnout? By creating a schedule.

I know, I know – not exactly your idea of a fun-filled afternoon, but it’s how you take life by the reigns in this situation. When your professional life starts encroaching into “you time”, you have to make sure you can schedule in absolutely everything… including fun.

Your work is your life, and you do what you do because you’re driven to serve others. But here’s the truth: we don’t want you serving us burned out!

Take care of yourself, so your work can come from a place of energy and overflowing abundance… not desperation and exhaustion.

How do YOU kick burnout’s butt? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!


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Many of us get intimidated by the great writers & business people we admire, because we worry we’ll never be on their level.

Newsflash: your unique voice isn’t just “good enough” – it’s AMAZING!

I’ve wrestled with this issue too, and in this video, I’ll tell you how I went about finding my own voice, and my methods for staying in the zone.

When you get stuck in the “I’m totally stealing from so-and-so…” space, remember: only YOU have your unique quirks & mannerisms, speaking style, and favorite catchphrases.
If you stay true to your voice and your own amazing message, your personal style will develop naturally.

The world needs what you’ve got to give! So get into the habit of writing from your heart.

Many entrepreneurs suffer from this “copycat syndrome”, so please take a moment to share this video with your friends who need it.

Got any tips or tricks of your own? I’d love to hear them.Let me know how you rock your originality in the comments below!

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