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I love to hear the inspiring powerful presence you have.  Keep up the amazing work, women need you!

~ Lisa Nichols

It was a breath of fresh air. I began to realize that the freedom I felt/experienced on the coaching call was something I was created to enjoy and able to have in my life on a daily basis.

~ Chantel C.

Vasavi has a compassionate and caring style of coaching with the perfect level of toughness that allowed me to push myself toward my intended outcomes.

~ Melissa R.

By now you have probably heard and read about my personal story of being diagnosed with bipolar disorder. In case you haven’t, here is a quick recap:

I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in December 2002. For almost years I was on heavy medication to “stabilize” my moods. In these past ten years I have successfully managed to get two Masters, an Ivy League education, become a certified coach, a best selling author, a radio show host interviewing NY Times best-selling authors, a bi-weekly spot on our local morning show, Kansas City Live, and create programs for people who want to shift their mindset so that they can experience freedom. Oh, and I got married and moved from NY to Kansas. And got a dog.

Last year I chose to get off medication once and for all. See, I believe no amount of medication can substitute our internal power. Thus, I got off.

And recently I heard from my husband these words, “Babe, every day you become more and more of the person who you are meant to become.”

My heart swoons.

Now let me ask you. Have you ever been in a funk? Hear me out. This isn’t about having bipolar, depression, or anxiety. This is about being human.

So, how do you stay positive when shit hits the fan?

Click play to learn how to create small shifts in your daily thoughts and activities so that you can experience long-lasting positive change.

Once you watch the video, I would love to hear in the comments below:

What small shifts will you make to experience positive thinking in your life?


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