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To all my seekers

Vasavi here and I’m regretful to say that summer is now officially over 🙁 On a positive note, welcome to my newly revamped website courtesy of Simply Elaborate. Thanks Emilia!!!As much fun as I’ve had this summer going on camping trips to Lake Travis, hosting epic pool days, and nights out with my best friends, I […]

Keepin’ It Real: Why can’t I change?

Change. What comes to your mind when you read that word? For me, whenever I would hear the word change– I would cringe. I would cringe because I was so focused on what wasn’t working and what I wasn’t good at that I would spin in circles focusing my energy on unproductive activities. Though what […]

My “Instant Happy” Happiness Tool

I used to allow other people’s opinions of me to dominate my life. In fact, I allowed it to dominate me so much so that I had no idea who I was. It was the “not knowing” who I was that fueled me to be who I am today. In my last Keepin’ It Real […]