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I love to hear the inspiring powerful presence you have.  Keep up the amazing work, women need you!

~ Lisa Nichols

It was a breath of fresh air. I began to realize that the freedom I felt/experienced on the coaching call was something I was created to enjoy and able to have in my life on a daily basis.

~ Chantel C.

Vasavi has a compassionate and caring style of coaching with the perfect level of toughness that allowed me to push myself toward my intended outcomes.

~ Melissa R.

So we’re finally moved into our new place in Austin. I gotta say, it’s been a whirlwind these past 72 hours.

Drove 14 hours, unpacked 30 something boxes, and finally sitting down to write.

And to be quite honest, I’ve got nothing, kids.

I’m in a new city. Trying to find my way around. Thrilled that I’m here but also dealing with some “stuff” that comes to the surface any time I’m faced with the unknown.

What I’m starting to learn more and more, is that it’s all good.

And that waiting for the other shoe to drop is like saying you want to be happy, but only if it doesn’t run out (more on that in another post).

As always, the Universe delivers. I love getting great content and information to my peeps (that’s you). And I’m also okay with the fact that I am not always THE ONE to deliver great info.

Translation: I love being the vehicle of goodness.

Enter, Noah Kagan.


That’s Noah.

I met Noah in the Dominican Republic back in November for a mastermind event called Zentrepreneur, followed by 5 days of Awesomeness Fest, hosted by Mindvalley. Look it up. It’s a ton of fun. And clearly, awesome.


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