On judging yourself and others for their past

If you’re prone to judging and making yourself and others wrong for their past, then I suggest you continue reading this: 9 years ago today. October 26, 2004. I was using cocaine 3-4 days a week. I was engaged in dead end relationships. I had no purpose. I hated myself. 9 years ago today. I […]

what you have been looking for.

what you have been looking for is you. yes. you. you are the happiness that you have been wanting to feel. you are the forgiveness that you have been waiting for. you are the love that you seem to think is out “there.” you are the creativity that somehow got lost in 4th grade. you […]

Freeing Ourselves From Fear

Are there things in your life that you still haven’t done? Goals you haven’t quite reached? Dreams you haven’t made come true? If you’re still reading, your answer is likely “yes.” So what’s holding you back and preventing you from taking that leap? What’s stopping you from taking the first step of that journey you’ve […]

10 Life Lessons You Should UNLEARN by Martha Beck

1.  Problems are bad. You spent your school years solving arbitrary problems imposed by boring authority figures. You learned that problems—comment se dit?—suck. But people without real problems go mad and invent things like base jumping and wedding planning. Real problems are wonderful, each carrying the seeds of its own solution. Job burnout? It’s steering you […]