Life Coaching

what you have been looking for.

what you have been looking for is you. yes. you. you are the happiness that you have been wanting to feel. you are the forgiveness that you have been waiting for. you are the love that you seem to think is out “there.” you are the creativity that somehow got lost in 4th grade. you […]

How Do You Define Success?

When you think of success, what’s the first thing that pops into your mind? A job promotion? Finally being able to purchase that much sought-after house on the hill? Adding another zero onto the end of your salary? While we tend to classify all of these things as indicative mile-markers, it’s important to keep in […]

Leadership Lessons, Compliments of Snoop Dogg

Disclaimer: This post is not meant to support or promote the use of marijuana. When you think of a leader, who comes to mind? Maybe Martin Luther King Jr. or Abraham Lincoln. Or perhaps you think of a modern day standout like Oprah. While all of these people made considerable contributions to our world, there […]