funny outtakes

I hope my dad doesn’t see this one…

Haha, okay, just for fun I wanted to include one more blooper video on my blog. This one is probably my favorite! In case you can’t tell from the videos and my previous posts, I can barely contain my excitement about my new website that will be launching in just a few short days! 🙂 […]

a behind-the-scenes snicker

If you saw the last blooper reel  from my upcoming grand opening of my web site…then you have to watch this. P.S.  The new is going LIVE on 2/1!!! Yipeee!!!  Yes, you’ll see that it deserves these extra exclamation points.  I’m going to have a party to celebrate and I WANT YOU THERE!!! Join […]

you’ll get a kick out of this

I’m launching the new web site in a couple weeks, and I’m super giddy about it.  It’s all branded and fancy.  I really, really love it.  I built it for you. I also shot some videos that will be on the web site…and for you, before the big global reveal, I’ve put together some […]