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I love to hear the inspiring powerful presence you have.  Keep up the amazing work, women need you!

~ Lisa Nichols

It was a breath of fresh air. I began to realize that the freedom I felt/experienced on the coaching call was something I was created to enjoy and able to have in my life on a daily basis.

~ Chantel C.

Vasavi has a compassionate and caring style of coaching with the perfect level of toughness that allowed me to push myself toward my intended outcomes.

~ Melissa R.

Today is my birthday!!! And in the spirit of celebrating life, I want to express my gratitude to you. Thank you for being a part of this community. It truly is an honor to be able to connect with you, write to you, read your emails, and serve you.

Over the past few months, a lot has changed. I have stepped back from coaching one-on-one. Instead, I chose to follow my passion to go to vegetarian culinary school.



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In the past three weeks I’ve had over 50-60 conversations with people who have:

:big dreams (like REALLY BIG)

:business ideas

:book plans

:baby plans

:relationship desires

:project/program ideas

You see where I’m going with this, right? I talk to people on a daily basis about what they want, why they want it, and how to get it.

But you see, for every five people I talk to, one of those people will take action. And when I say take action, I’m talking about doing the very thing they said they couldn’t do. Many times, taking action is sitting down in front of their computer and writing, or picking up the phone and calling an investor, or a potential partner or client, or perhaps even investing in themselves. More often than not, we tend to overcomplicate what it means to take action.

Let me break down for you. I want you to think about the first action step you can take to move you one step closer.

Here’s the trick. This first action step you’re going to be taking will require no more that ten minutes of your time. That’s it.

I know the big picture can be daunting, but you want to know what’s even more daunting?

Not taking that first step.

I broke it down on Kansas City Live. Click below to watch.


If you want to get clear on what you want, why you want it, and most importantly (and often overlooked) how you’re going to get it, then check out The Art of Taking Confident Action, my latest program on getting what you want, even in the face of your fear. Now that’s deep.

Here for you,


P.S. I have some really exciting news to share. I’m not at liberty to share it just yet, but I promise you will be the first to know (okay maybe third after I tell my parents and Ashish 🙂

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There was a time when I didn’t believe in myself. I compared myself to everyone around me (with devastating results). I didn’t feel supported by the people I was with. My self-confidence was pretty much nill, and I found myself stuck in a rut I wasn’t sure I could get out of. Have you ever felt that way? Thanks to some amazing teachers a whole lotta soul-searching, I’ve finally got that negative self-talk under control! So today, I want to give you the tools that will help YOU do the same thing, and finally unleash your awesome potential.

Check out this week’s question from the lovely Lisa: Hey Vasavi, My name is Karen. I love your Keepin It Real videos because you tell it like it is. Thanks for not holding anything back. Here’s my question. I know deep down that I can do anything. But throughout the day I have all this chatter that is telling me otherwise. How do I start believing in myself? What do I need to do?


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You know you’ve got a mission in this life. You want to help people, to inspire, and to leave the world better than the way you found it. But when it comes time to step out from behind the curtain, do you find yourself holding back?

This week’s wonderful question comes from Nancy, who asks: “I see all these people around me playing a big game, and I’m so scared to step out into the spotlight. I always thought I was fearless, but the truth is, I’m terrified of being seen and heard. Any words of wisdom on how to just get out there?”

Heck yes I do.


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