Dear extraordinary woman,

I know you’re a seeker. You crave a deeper connection to your soul & purpose, and answers to your toughest questions. You want to know what’s next for you… but you barely have time to breathe, let alone figure out if the path you’re on is the right one.

You deserve to be immersed in beauty, inspiration and grounded action, in the company of fellow fabulous ladies who think the way you do. You’ve earned the right to get back in touch with the full spectrum of YOU, ­your amazing gifts and goals, your obstacles, and your spiritual destiny in a guided, loving environment.

That’s why I created the NOURISH Retreat. For incredible women like you.





Imagine A three day journey into exploring your past, connecting to your present, and creating a plan for your amazing future.

Life passes us by in a dizzying blur of moments. We grow. We laugh. We love. We cry. We succeed. We fail. We dust ourselves off and try again. It’s a beautiful dance, and our steps create an intricate tapestry of emotion and action, faith and fact. But here’s the problem: Too often, we’re so consumed by distractions (stress, lack of focus, or a misunderstanding of our own values), we let time zoom past without a second glance. We dismiss the dreams we once had – as kids, teenagers, and younger adults. We skip self-reflection to jump into the next thing, without questioning why we’re headed in that direction. We might know our biggest obstacles and patterns, but we don’t examine what they truly mean in the grand scheme of our lives. Worst of all: we race towards our future without a clear vision of where we’re going.
But when we take the time to stop, listen, and deeply reflect… We understand our gifts & strengths, and how we should be using them. We’re no longer lost in the sweeping current of our day-to-day. The answers to our deepest struggles become crystal clear. Suddenly, we know exactly what we want. And from there, our lives become masterpieces. Reflection is clarity. Understanding is freedom. Action is victory. That’s what this evolution of NOURISH Retreat is all about. Welcome to NOURISH Retreat. A 3-day journey into exploring your past, connecting to your present, and creating a plan for your amazing future. Sign up for the NOURISH VIP list for all the juicy details, sneaks peeks & insider info. You’ll be the first to know when I cut the velvet ribbon.

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