Conquer - A 21 day guide to freedom. This is your life. No practice rounds. No do-overs.
Is that the way you're living it?

What if you had the power to hurdle over your fears, create more room for happiness, and take fearless control of your challenges & joys?

Here’s a hint: you already do.

It’s time to become the hero you’ve been waiting for.

This is Conquer: A 21 Day Guide to Freedom.


  • Three weeks of easy-to-love lessons delivered straight to your inbox
  • A crash course in mindfulness, self-knowledge & unshakeable confidence
  • 11 modules to help you strengthen your connection to yourself, and the world around you
  • The greatest adventure of them all: a deep-dive exploration into who you really are.

Life doesn’t just happen - you make it happen.
And with Conquer, you’ll learn the fundamentals of freedom, and what it really means to take the reins.


  • The subtle life shifts that lead to radical change (and they’re easier than you think)
  • Tips and techniques to help you heighten your awareness, and trust your own judgement
  • Courage-amping exercises so you can claim your desires with gusto
  • The tools to finally achieve the LIBERATION you’ve been craving for so long

You already have what you need to make your amazing dreams a reality.
I’m here to teach you how all those pieces fit together.


  • Trust Your “Self”
  • Observe Your World
  • Follow Your Compass
  • The Art of Acknowledgement
  • Breaking Through
  • Giving Yourself Permission
  • Your Spoken Word
  • The Greatest Gift
  • The Soul of Who You Are
  • Moving Past Your Past
  • Curiosity


  • … It could mean finally getting that dream business up and running
  • … Or having that difficult conversation with grace and compassion
  • … Or finding the guts to end relationships that no longer serve you
  • … Or a MASSIVE shift in perspective in everything you do
  • … Or loving harder
  • … Or living bigger
  • … Or just being able to look in the mirror and say “Yes - today is MY day.” Every day.
This is your moment. Step up and claim it.
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Vasavi Kumar - Freedom Strategist

I spent most of my life on a battlefield... with myself. So I know what it means to feel trapped & blocked in your own life.

I was always wrestling with one demon or another; my teasing classmates, my bipolar diagnosis, my addictions, my career, and my relationship to myself (which, for decades, was often more loathing than loving).

It took 10 years, thousands of dollars, and endless hours spent face-to-face with some of the greatest minds in every realm of healing and self-discovery. But finally, I did it.

I busted out of my chains once and for all. I CONQUERED my fears, and discovered the FREEDOM I’d been hunting for all thistime. The result? A business that I adore. A rock-solid, hot n’ healthy marriage. TV spots. A bestseller. More love than I ever thought possible.

Now I want to help you do the same - for a price absolutely everyone can budget in.

Your Freedom Awaits.
So hop aboard, you knight in shining armour. Buy Now