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there are many things about Nirvana (or enlightenment) that can be confusing.

Is there one way to obtain this life purpose that we as human beings strive so hard to find?

Is doing yoga and meditation a part of this path?

Are spiritual folks allowed to get mad?

no one way will lead you to enlightenment


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What other people think of you is none of your business. Let me break this down. Often times as entrepreneurs we get caught up in what other awesome entrepreneurs are doing. Or, we let the opinions of our family members and friends dictate what we do, how we do, and when we do. The truth is, not everyone will agree with how you run your business. In fact, outside of your entrepreneurial tribe your passion may come off as merely a hobby. I remember when I first started my business. My mother begged me to go get a job. I get it. I have two Masters, an Ivy League education, so in her mind- why in God’s name was I working so hard when i could trade by getting a “real job” and having financial security.

It wasn’t until I had a serious heart-to-heart with my mother. One that sounded like this,

“Mom, I know you love me. And every time you suggest that I get a job, it kills my spirit and makes me not want to have anything to do with you. I love you and I want to be close to you and share my dreams with you. My request is that you stop suggesting that I get a job. Because guess what? I will never get a job. This is my passion and my life purpose.”


It was a bit blunt for my mother to hear but I have to say, she has totally respected my wishes and is now seeing the impact of the work that I do. In fact, she tunes in every week for my free weekly videos and loves it!

Here’s the thing. Someone will always have something to say about you. Not everyone will agree. Many will not understand. Not your problem. Remember you are here to make a difference, be you and serve the planet with your gift. The last thing you want to do is get caught up in other people’s opinions of you.

Stay focused and stay grounded. Just be you. And don’t forget, other people’s opinions of you is none of your business.

Wanna learn more about how to not letting other people’s opinions dominate your life? Visit to access my  FREE Mindset Training.

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This past weekend was AH-MAZING. I just got back from L.A., where I was attending the O! You Conference. This is Oprah’s yearly conference, where she has all her favorite experts talk about life, love, health, and soul. It truly was an honor to be among so many powerful people who have dedicated their lives to helping YOU live your best life.

Oprah said something that stuck with me. She quoted Joseph Campbell, and said, “The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.”

I come across so many people who want to move forward in their life… but don’t know where to start. They struggle with knowing that they DO matter, and that they have a higher purpose. And trust me, I’ve been there too.

Today’s KIR question is very close to my heart because I know amazing people like you just want one thing: to be happy and live their best life. This week’s KIR question from Roberta focuses on the support you need to truly do just that. She asks:

‘I am looking for a life coach… but I don’t know what I’m looking for. How do I know if I’ve found the right coach for me?’

If you’re ready to get someone in your corner who’s going to push you to be the absolute best you can be, this video is for you. Take a peek!

Don’t hesitate to shop around. Any great coaching experience is grounded in intimacy and connection, so you need to make sure it feels absolutely right!

I feel so privileged to be a coach. I have an incredibly close relationship with my clients – they can tell me absolutely anything without fear of judgment, and they know that I’ll hold them accountable for their actions, and kick their butts when they need it!

Does a job get any better than that? Seriously!

Are you on the hunt for a coach? Do you already have a coach you love? If so, how’d you find them?

Come share your experiences with the community in the comments below!

And don’t forget to sign up for my FREE Mindset training here. It will literally blow your socks off!!!

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Many of us get intimidated by the great writers & business people we admire, because we worry we’ll never be on their level.

Newsflash: your unique voice isn’t just “good enough” – it’s AMAZING!

I’ve wrestled with this issue too, and in this video, I’ll tell you how I went about finding my own voice, and my methods for staying in the zone.

When you get stuck in the “I’m totally stealing from so-and-so…” space, remember: only YOU have your unique quirks & mannerisms, speaking style, and favorite catchphrases.
If you stay true to your voice and your own amazing message, your personal style will develop naturally.

The world needs what you’ve got to give! So get into the habit of writing from your heart.

Many entrepreneurs suffer from this “copycat syndrome”, so please take a moment to share this video with your friends who need it.

Got any tips or tricks of your own? I’d love to hear them.Let me know how you rock your originality in the comments below!

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