Keepin’ It Real: How to Use Your Own Voice

Many of us get intimidated by the great writers & business people we admire, because we worry we’ll never be on their level. Newsflash: your unique voice isn’t just “good enough” – it’s AMAZING! I’ve wrestled with this issue too, and in this video, I’ll tell you how I went about finding my own voice, […]

Keepin’ It Real: What People Think of You is Not Your Business

I have to share something with you this week…and it took me years to learn this! Once I did the world was a much better place and opportunities opened up that hadn’t before. You see for years I was driven to look good in the eyes of others. Watch today’s video to hear about the […]

Oh yeah? Do. It. Anyway.

People often ask me how I am able to produce the type of results that I produce. Three words. Do. It. Anyway. In spite of the doubt, the self judgment, the it anyway. Let me break it down for you. DO. Action. Without movement, without action you will stay stuck. Whatever it is, those […]

Are You Ready or Willing?

Guest post by Rev. Jenenne Macklin Sometimes we ask ourselves questions that literally keep us in our comfort zones rather than stepping into our greatness. One of those such questions is, \”Are you ready?\” Are you ready to lose weight? Are you ready to create financial freedom? Are you ready to save money? Are you […]