7 Tips to Having More Energy

In case you missed it, here are my 7 tips to having more energy this spring!!! Had a blast on Good Day Dallas!!! Click the image below to watch or click here. To recap, here are my tips below: 1. Get rid of clothes that don’t fit with who you are anymore. This isn’t just […]

The four steps to reinventing your life

Yesterday I hosted three free calls to share four tips to reinventing your life. If you couldn’t make the call, no worries. Here are the four steps to reinventing your life: 1. Be transparent and honest with yourself and AT LEAST one other person. This first step is admitting that you are stuck. There’s nothing to […]

Searching for a morning routine? I can help.

Yesterday morning I did something I never thought I would do–I took a dance class.  Now that may not seem like a big deal, but this was no ordinary dance class. I took a Nia class, which is a sensory-based movement practice (did I lose you already?) Honestly, I had my judgements. When I first […]