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**I sent an email out yesterday about my new group coaching program limited to 12 entrepreneurs who are ready to be on fire and get moving. If you want IN and have any questions just to learn more set up your 20 minutes call with me here:**

Back to our current programming 🙂

Have you ever felt like when something happens in your life and it’s just “too much” to handle that everything around you seems to come to a massive halt?

I know the feeling. I made a joke the other day that I was a walking talking pain-body and I was surprised that I even managed to get through the past few weeks the way I did without completely losing it.

If there is one thing that I FOR SURE know, it is this. Pain and progress can coexist. Now I’m not saying that you should go ahead and bulldoze over your emotions or whatever is going on in your life. 

I’m inviting you to consider that YOU are stronger than your pain. And no matter how hard or difficult of a situation you may be in, that you do have the capacity to handle it. 

After all, our life didn’t just happen. Our thoughts created it. Our beliefs created it. Our actions created it. So if that is truly the case, we have the power to change it.

Part of how I deal with my pain is to keep progressing in my life no matter what. So ya’ll know how much I love spreading my message so I reached out to Val Santos, a radio personality over at The Beat ATX (102.3) and pitched her an idea to collaborate on.

I present: Vas + Val: The High Road.


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Hey!! Hope you’re doing well and had a great weekend!

I love this time of year. First, I’m a May baby and that’s literally around the corner (I’ll be turning 34!!), second, it’s tulip season and tulips are my favorite so basically, I’m in full spring swing.

For the month of April I am offering 60 minute sessions with me at a special rate of $109.



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In case you missed it, here are my 7 tips to having more energy this spring!!! Had a blast on Good Day Dallas!!! Click the image below to watch or click here.


To recap, here are my tips below:

1. Get rid of clothes that don’t fit with who you are anymore.

This isn’t just about cleaning gout your closet, this is also good for your self-esteem. Swearing to yourself that you will one day wear those skinny jeans is only taking up physical and mental space and inevitably make you feel bad about yourself. Giving away old clothes that are too small is a great way to declare that you love and accept yourself as you are right now.

1b. Bless and release old grudges and resentments.

Think about how someone who may have brought pain into your life has taught you a valuable lesson. Thank them, send them love and gratitude, and release them from your life. This will help cut the negative cord that has been holding you onto them. As far as intimate and professional relationships, start identifying what you need to be happy in relationships.

2. Say “NO” more to obligations.

Instead of saying YES immediately, give yourself the time to think about it. The only person putting pressure on you is yourself. You get to decide how much of your time and energy you want to give. Allow yourself the 24-hour rule. Give yourself 24 hours to commit to anything.

3. Get to bed earlier and wake up earlier

The later you sleep the more tired you will will waking up in the morning. Create a night time ritual where you soothe yourself and allow yourself to sleep peacefully. Set your alarm to wake up to peaceful music. Most Americans are exhausted and tired in the morning and then try to wake themselves up by pumping themselves with caffeine. Instead, sleep enough so you don’t have t overcompensate by drinking highly caffeinated drinks.

4. Move your body

Start slowly. If you haven’t been to the gym or exercised in a while, start off by taking a 15-minute walk, seven days a week. The key is consistency. Keep your workout clothes by your bed or stop at your local park for a walk. Also when going to a store park as far away as you can so you are forced to walk those few extra steps. Anything helps.

5. Have an afternoon power snack

Low energy levels can also be a result of dehydration and our blood sugar levels dropping. Keep energizing snacks on hand like a power bar, berries, hummus and crackers, something healthy that you can munch on to boost your sugar levels to its balanced state.



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I’m here in beautiful Santa Monica, CA for the next few days. I’ll be shooting videos with an awesome company called MindValley, and then will be on Nancy Grace on Monday (omg) talking about mental health.

Yesterday when I landed at LAX airport after a three hour flight, I took a shuttle to the AVIS rental car location where I needed to pick up my car for the week.

The line was LONG. Like out the door long..

And if you’re anything like me, you get exhausted from traveling.

I was contemplating going with another company but I figured since this was a busy time of day that there would be lines everywhere. I saw a man wearing an AVIS shirt standing outside. His job, I imagine was to pull the cars around for customers. I went up to him and started asking him how long the line would be, and if there was another option for me—perhaps paying a little extra to get on the “AVIS Preferred” line where I could avoid the wait.

Normally, I don’t mind lines at all. It gives me a good opportunity to check emails, people watch, and sometimes just BE and watch what’s going on around me and within me. But that day, I was hungry (more like HANGRY= hungry + angry) and extremely tired, as I am sure everyone else on the line was too. (more…)

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