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Episode 24 | 8 Things I was Wrong About Life

WHEW! This past year has been nothing short of a whirlwind. From moving, to starting a job that I only thought was possibly in my imagination, to being in a new (and healthy!) relationship…I can honestly say that I have never been so wrong about life. For me, admitting the things that I dead wrong […]

Episode 21 | What do you believe about time?

I have found that there are typically five main beliefs that people hold on to, as it relates to time. The first type of person and the beliefs that they hold is there isn’t enough of it. There’s not enough time, I’m always busy, oh my god, there’s not enough time. The second belief about […]

Episode 18 | Forgiveness

What is forgiveness? Well, forgiveness can be looked at as an act of completion. It’s the act of letting negative energy go, putting a period to something that was once taking up all of your energy, getting complete about something. When you’re complete, when you say, “Oh, I’m complete. I’m good with this. I’m complete,” […]

The girl in the mirror is not me

Those who know of it speak of it not, those who speak of it, know it not.  –Vedic scriptures How many of you still struggle with the conflict within which often looks like: good girl/boy and bad girl/boy ugly and beautiful selfish and selfless loyal and deceitful compassionate and judgmental productive and lazy humble and […]