Oh yeah? Do. It. Anyway.

People often ask me how I am able to produce the type of results that I produce. Three words. Do. It. Anyway. In spite of the doubt, the self judgment, the it anyway. Let me break it down for you. DO. Action. Without movement, without action you will stay stuck. Whatever it is, those […]

If You Say So

You say that you can’t do this or you can’t do that. LIES. It’s all lies. All the lies that you have been fed by society, your childhood, your parents, mean girls (or boys) in school when you were growing up..all of it are LIES. Here’s the thing, it is all in your head. And […]

a gift from me to you

  I’m sorry to break it to you but here’s the thing: It’s August 2012. 2013 is literally around the corner. I know you want balance. I know you want more money. I know you want happiness. I know you want things to change. And, it’s just not going the way you want it to […]

You Already Know

You already know. You already know what you need to be doing. You already know the actions that you need to be taking. You already know why you do the thing you do that keeps you believing that you are trapped, powerless, helpless. How do I know this? Because I was there. I always knew. […]