Episode 35 | Who’re you trying to help? | David Perez

When we try to help everyone we end up helping no one. Today’s episode of Being Human with Vasavi is focusing on narrowing down our niche. You see, when we first start our business, we think to ourselves, “I can’t wait to help everyone!” And therein lies the problem. When we’re not clear on exactly […]

Episode 34 | Sharing stories to connect | Dr. Priya Patel

Storytelling connects us all. Today’s episode of Being Human with Vasavi is a little different than the rest. I asked for three volunteers on my Instagram to come on the show, and open up about what keeps them up at night. Dr. Priya Patel boldly said YES to the opportunity and we had a great […]

To all my seekers

Vasavi here and I’m regretful to say that summer is now officially over 🙁 On a positive note, welcome to my newly revamped website courtesy of Simply Elaborate. Thanks Emilia!!!As much fun as I’ve had this summer going on camping trips to Lake Travis, hosting epic pool days, and nights out with my best friends, I […]

Do you lack confidence?

When you do something do you do it with complete confidence?   Even when it’s something you have never done before?   Do you have something you would love to do but are too scared to even try it?   What if you knew you could face any challenge without having any self-doubt tainting your […]