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I’m so thrilled to share that my newest venture, so(ul) special is spreading slowly but steadily across the globe. From Sweden, Malaysia, Austin, TX, Santa Monica, Long Island, and many other locations, what is happening is that more and more individuals are taking back their power and committing to live a life of freedom.

There’s a big difference between guilt and shame. You see, guilt is what stops us from doing things that go against our core value system. Shame, just makes us feel like we suck and don’t deserve the good things in life.

And while guilt can help guide certain decisions we make or don’t make, shame is a hindrance and a toxic force of energy that can debilitate our ability to make decisions in the first place.

The women you see below are strong warriors.

Sure, they have their own issues. Don’t we all?

But they’ve decided that living a life of #noshame is more important than isolation and feeling shitty about themselves.

I’m proud to call these women my friends, clients, and colleagues. Some I have met, and some have just reached out to me simply through word of mouth.


As of now, so(ul) special is focusing on building brand awareness and ultimately will be a community where people can talk and share openly about who they are, and be proud of it.

As far as products that will come forth, every month will be a new theme. This new theme will focus on words with meaning that have a greater impact on your mindset.

More to come on that…

My invitation for you is to take the first step to looking good on the outside and feeling even better on the inside.

It’s funny how wearing bold words can shift your midnset in a moment.

The other day, I was wearing my #noshame tank. And it was one of those days where I felt slightly bloated. Ya’ll know that feeling right?

But something crazy happened as I put my tank on and looked at myself in the mirror. The words on my shirt being reflected back to me was a reminder that no matter what I thought I looked like (bloated), I still had the right to live a life of being proud and confident about myself. And I also had the opportunity in that moment to shift ever so slightly how I was feeling about myself.

How you feel about yourself is a choice. And that’s what this is all about. If something as simple as a tank can make you feel good about yourself even for a split second, then hey why not, right?

If this message resonates with you I would personally love to mail you your tank with a handwritten card.

Here’s how you get your tank:

1. Send $35 (shipping and tax included) to
2. Email your size and address so I can send it to you
3. Get excited!

Let me know if you have any questions.



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Emotions are extremely powerful. They have the ability to impair our judgement, cloud our mind, and make us do things that we would never normally do. What if you were able to feel your emotions, but still have complete control of them? I know it sounds too good to be true, but let’s do some investigating.

We are going to look at one of the most powerful and potentially dangerous emotions.


What happens when you get angry?  

Do you scream?  


Throw things?  

Say hurtful words?  

All of the above?

Anger is a natural emotion. Every single person on this planet has felt anger at one time or another. Everyone reacts differently. Some may even turn to drugs and alcohol to stuff that emotion deep down inside of them so as to not feel the intensity of it. It holds so much power over many people and they don’t even realize it.

A perfect example is road rage. When someone cuts you off in traffic and you start cursing at them in your car, you just let that person’s actions have power over you. You also may speed up and try to cut them off to get revenge while possibly putting yourself or others in danger.

Is this rational?

Hell no it’s not.

Number one, they cannot even hear you, so why are you wasting your energy calling them unspeakable things?

Number two, you just lowered yourself trying to get revenge and could have gotten seriously hurt.

Let’s look at this situation free of any emotion whatsoever.  

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