Keepin’ It Real: The Mirror of Greatness

Do you ever compare yourself to someone else? Maybe what they’ve done or how they’re different? I’m here today to share with you why there is no reason you should ever compare yourself with anyone! In today’s episode of Keepin’ It Real I’m going to tell you exactly what you need to do when you […]

Keepin’ It Real: Celebrating Y-O-U

How often do you find yourself focusing on what’s not working? Or maybe you’re beating yourself up over all those little things you notice in life. Today we’re celebrating you! We’re flipping the switch and acknowledging everything you do, both big and small. Join me in the video below to fill your cup this week […]

Keepin’ It Real: The “B” Word

Do you ever feel like you’re extremely busy but you’re not getting a damn thing done? Are you cranking away at the computer all day to see very little results at the end of the day? So many of us struggle with this everyday. I too had to learn the hard way. In today’s Keepin’ […]

Keepin’ It Real: Rational Smashional

One word I hear all the time…rational. It keeps people from moving forward and dreaming big. So I say rational smashional! In today’s video I want you to really feel that you’re limitless, expansive and pervasive. Ready to release your brilliance? Here we go! What stops us from dreaming big so often is the fear […]