My #1 tip for feeling “less than” others.

Come clean with me.When you see somebody who is successful at what they do, what is your first thought? Is it a judgement about their character? Or are you saying “I could do that.” Then why aren’t you doing it already? If you know your innate ability then why does it take someone else being […]

Figure out what you want for $1

I sent out a survey last week asking the single biggest challenge in figuring out ways to make money doing what you love. Do you want to know what the most common responses were? “I have no clue what I want.” “I have too many dreams and don’t know where to begin.” “I don’t know […]

What’s your motto?

Have you ever heard that song The Motto by Drake? This is where he coined one of the most used terms by our youth in today’s society. YOLO. You only live once. Some people just use this an excuse to party everyday, go out drinking, use drugs, and spend all their hard earned money and […]