Are mornings rough for you?

I don’t know about you, but mornings are rough for me. My creative bipolar mind wakes up with about a million to-dos and then I get overwhelmed. Sounds familiar? Having been raised in a Hindu household I have been blessed to be exposed to all things meditation, mantras, and mindfulness. But being the rebel that […]

The Secret To Success

I’ve been extremely successful in many areas of my life. I’m Ivy League educated (every Indian parent’s dream). I hold dual master’s degrees from Hofstra University (Special Education) and Columbia University (Social Work). I’m the daughter of Indian immigrant parents which is pretty huge (just ask any Brown person you know 🙂 I’m a vegetarian chef. […]

celebrating my birthday by honoring the lives of others

Today is my birthday and I’m officially 35!! To be honest, I’ve been kind of down because there are so many thoughts surrounding where I “should” be by now. But then I got out of my own head and asked myself, “Why did God give me life?” To better the lives of those around me. […]

How to do a digital detox

Today I was on Good Day Austin sharing tips on how to detox from your digital devices. You may not know this about me but when I was a kid I used to stutter. In fact, I still struggle with it but I have learned how to manage it and speak with confidence no matter […]

Do you know you have a message that could give hope to others? Are you a service based entrepreneur looking to share your story and increase your impact on this planet? Have you been so busy serving others that you haven’t taken the time out to work ON your business? If so, the Spring Equinox […]