12 Things You Need to Let Go of to Succeed

1. Let go of comparing yourself to others There is absolutely no point comparing yourself to other people because you will never be like them nor will they be like you. Instead, take a look at what YOU are good at, what YOUR strengths, and how YOU can make a difference in the world. And, […]

Why you get stuck

Having trouble viewing this email? Click here Posterous …One more thing about the "C" (Conscious Creation) that I talked about yesterday. After coaching lots of my clients and recently having the privilege to be a "Radical Coach" at the Get Radical Conference in Washington DC, I know not everyone is ready for the big step […]

Are you ready to consciously create your future?

Having trouble viewing this email? Click here Posterous If you’ve been following my S.O.U.R.C.E. coaching messages for awhile, you see that I sign off with, “Be kind to yourself." My dad has repeated these words to me since I was a little girl. And it’s one of the easiest ways to consciously create a trigger […]

Your mind is a Rolodex of all the crap that happens to you. Think carefully.

Having trouble viewing this email? Click here Helloooo Posterous I’m deeply grateful to you for following my "S.O.U.R.C.E. of your Success" philosophy. Everyday I try to live my life’s purpose: to help the people in my life, and I treasure your support. Today with "R," we’re crossing over into new territory. We start taking action […]

Vasavi’s Homemade “Be Kind To Yourself” Facial Scrubs

Set aside one hour and do each of these scrubs in order for the prescribed amount of time. You’ll feel like a new woman–I guarantee it! (I like to make batches of these natural scrubs to keep in my refrigerator so they’re ready to go when you are!) Phase 1 – Oatmeal / Honey / […]