Episode 19 | Interview with Layla Saad

In a world filled with oppression and white supremacy there’s always a glimmer of hope. I’m so excited that on today’s episode of Being Human with Vasavi I get to interview my glimmer of hope, Layla Saad. Layla is a Black feminist writer and speaker, whose work focuses on centering the stories, art and magic of […]

Episode 18 | Forgiveness

What is forgiveness? Well, forgiveness can be looked at as an act of completion. It’s the act of letting negative energy go, putting a period to something that was once taking up all of your energy, getting complete about something. When you’re complete, when you say, “Oh, I’m complete. I’m good with this. I’m complete,” […]

Episode 17 | Ask Vasavi Anything (Part 2)

Being Human with Vasavi podcast is BACK with another round of #askvasavianything! Today’s questions were definitely varied and that why I love you guys so much! Keep those questions coming. And before we go ahead into today’s episode here’s a snapshot of some of the Q’s that I got from you: Your journey inspires and […]