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Freedom Credo

Freedom credo.

I roll with a big heart and even BIGGER hustle.

Advocate of liberty, I live in all of the possibilities of being alive.

Devoted to you – all of you…part-cheerleader, full-freedom-strategist, your kick-in-the-pants guide en route to your desired destination.

Lone rangers, dreamers, perfectionists, A-types looking for their Point B take a pit stop here to fill and fuel up.

I get my fuel from living deliciously.

I AM Vasavi Kumar. Self-discovery junkie, lover of all things non-conformist, vegetarian foodie, and freedom strategist who is obsessed with helping you achieve the FREEDOM in all that is you.

Tireless in a joint quest to remove obstacles from the mind. Your mind.

I love to see my clients make things happen. I love to see you embrace who you are.

I help you interrupt the B.S. conversations that you’re having with yourself so you get what you want. That’s what I do. That’s who I am.

So here I welcome you to my home – the House of Free.

Here’s my promise: if you free your mind, the rest will follow. All it takes is your own intrinsic desire and taking the bold action to activate it all.


Influences and devotions.

From the Hanuman Chalisa, an ancient Sanskrit prayer: bhoot pishach nikat nahin aavein, mahavira jab naam sunavein||24|| nase roga hare sab pira, japat nirantar hanumat beera||25||

Modern Translation:
“Evil spirits do not approach a person who recites the name of Hanuman. You destroy diseases and remove all pain, when one utters your name continuously”

My dad used to read this to me when I was young, believing that the Hanuman Chalisa would remove any barrier or obstacle in my life- appropriately so, given that the character of Hanuman taught me perseverance, strength, and devotion.

See, I needed that type of blessing. Because on 12/4/2002, in a doctor’s office on Lexington Avenue in Manhattan, I was given a diagnosis that changed the trajectory of my life – and handed over the PEACE I had been seeking for so long.

The diagnosis: Bi-polar disorder.

And, after battling the stigma that comes with having a condition like this, using a blend of Eastern and Western medicine, spiritual practice and surrounding myself with a support network that has been my fortress – I can happily say that what was once something I allowed to define the perception of me, I now know one thing for sure…that only you can define YOU. And, being trapped in your mind is what is holding us back from getting what we really want.

Bottom line lesson:  If I can do it, you can do it.


My parents had the same dreams for me that I’m sure many of your own parents had. Luckily for me, even with the diagnosis of Bi-polar disorder, my family has specific roots that helped all of us cope with the challenges that came with it.

Let me explain.

I grew up in a traditional Hindu household in Long Island, New York. The beautiful thing about Hinduism is that it’s not so much a religion as it is a way of life. I was raised to value education, both formal and self-education. My parents treated my sister and me to all the cultural and spiritual practices that have also added to my own personal flavor in life and business.

Vegetarianism, daily prayer, and having respect for both Knowledge (represented by the Goddess Saraswati) and Money (represented by the Goddess Lakshmi) were and are still ingrained in my everyday life.


At a young age I visited India and witnessed human conditions (people living on the street, starvation, discrimination). At that moment I learned compassion and love for all human beings, regardless of socio-economic status, race, creed or age. I’ve had the privilege of visiting over 100 temples in North and South India, but I didn’t think it was such a privilege at the time. I kicked and screamed while my mother emphasized the importance of my culture.

I am so glad that she did.


I love nag champa incense, South Indian grub (which means I’ve accepted that I’ll always have a rice belly!) and Indian temple architecture. When I became old enough to visit India on my own, I lived there for a year, and served as a teacher to survivors of sex trafficking. It was a year of awakening for me, and soaked the culture forever in my essence.

These concepts influence everything I do and everyone I serve.

And the Bi-polar Disorder?

It hasn’t stopped me from living an epic, breathtaking life.

In fact, I’ve been able to not only build a business that I love, serving people like you and hanging out with some of the most interesting and influential luminaries of our time, but I’ve been able to integrate both Western and Eastern influences to create a life that I can best describe as utterly delicious.

Do I still get bummed out when someone or something disappoints me?  Do I still hear distracting chatter that creates fear in me?  Do I still worry if people care about me?

Absolutely.  (By the way, anyone who tells you they don’t feel this way is full of it.)

However, the blend of spiritual connection, cultural respect and seeking of wisdom supported my wish to make my life look different than anyone would have traditionally thought.

I chose to free my mind. And get in massive action to do so.

Street cred.

Thanks for getting to this part of the story. That takes dedication.

And, there are a lot of life coaches around (it’s become quite trendy, hasn’t it?), so I appreciate you stopping by to check out if I’m the gal to work with.

In all honesty, I don’t do much 1:1 coaching anymore, since January of 2014 I’ve pursued another dream:  to become a Vegetarian and Ayurvedic Chef.

However, I stand behind and continue to share programs with you that I know will help you live a delicious life, and I know that will help you find the courage to pursue anything you want.

In fact, with my newfound skills in the foodie world, and grounded with ancient Ayurvedic wisdom, I know the pairing of the love of food and the love of living a delicious life could be game-changing for you.

Coaches like me work with you on your life. That’s some serious stuff, so you probably want to make sure that the person you’re trusting your life with has the goods to support you – in a legit way.

These things might help you confidently decide if I’m the kind gal you can feel good about teaching you:

I’m Ivy League (every Indian parent’s dream) educated. I hold a dual Masters degrees in Special Education from Hofstra University and Social Work from Columbia University.

I’m certified. I earned my stripes as a coach at Accomplishment Coaching, an International Coach Federation (ICF) accredited school.

I’m a Vegetarian Chef.  I’m a graduate of The Natural Epicurean Academy of Culinary Arts in Austin, Texas, where I got to pursue my lifelong goal of nourishing the minds and mouths of people.  Recently, my dad and I competed in Food Network’s Food Truck Face Off, strutting our skills and working our butts off to bring yummy Indian creations from love.  It was not only fun, it solidified my desire to bring food into the “delicious living” conversation.

I’m an Ayurveda enthusiast.  For 2 months I traveled to India to return to me and pursue my studies in Ayurveda Therapy and Nutrition. It is now my way of life, and another critical modality I use to help heal myself and those around me.

I’m a best-selling author. My book, a collaboration with Sandra Yancey, Marcia Weider, Lisa Sasevich and Lisa Nichols, called Succeeding in Spite of Everything is a best-seller. I also blog and write for some of the coolest sites on the cyberweb.

I’m on TV. I was the the resident “Keeping it Real Guru” on Kansas City Live, where I answered viewer’s questions on topics like the stuff that’s holding them back or how to deal with mean people. I love answering juicy questions like that! You may just see me on the tube again soon.  Stay tuned!

I’m a former radio show host. My show, Deep Talk, features some of the most celebrated and respected leaders today. I have had the honor and pleasure of interviewing change agents like John Gray, Neale Donald Walsch, Ali Brown, Lisa Nichols, and Sonia Choquette.

I’ve spoken in front of hundreds of people. Some of my topics include “Sacred Hustle,” “Addiction: Looking for God in All the Wrong Places’” and my personal favorite, “The Inspiration – Action Gap.” My talks come from a place of knowing. And I never speak on topics I don’t believe in.

I’m committed. I am urgent about your success and getting you to a place of freedom ASAP. I’m a straightforward, tell-it-like-it is kinda gal. People who work best with me really want to move forward and want to hear it like it is. I do this because I am devoted to getting to the source of your success…and help you turn that into your dream life…an unrecognizable, breathtaking, bomb-ass life. For real.

I pay it forward. I donate a portion of everything I do to Bring Change to Mind, an organization whose mission is to remove the stigma and discrimination of those who have suffered from mental illness.

I’ve got life experience. Before I got the wake up call to be in service of others, it was not too long ago that I was running with the wrong crowd and making the wrong choices. It is an absolute miracle – and a choice – that I am able to serve in the way that I do today. This journey makes me uniquely qualified to work with anyone who beats themselves up for making wrong choices or agonizes over the choices in front of them.

Joseph Campbell

It’s time.

Imagine if you:

  • Felt so good, so turned on by who you are, that you pursued the life you wanted, without regret.
  • Developed a love of yourself so divine that honoring the temple that is your body and your mind became non-negotiable.
  • Walked into a room full of strangers and turned them into friends.
  • Really believed that you ROCKED, rather than being your own worst critic.
  • Were able to turn mistakes into lessons instead of failures.
  • Conversed with comfort and never again worry about what to say.
  • Didn’t get caught in the comparison trap.
  • Went after that big dream – a promotion, a new business, that relationship – without apologizing or thinking “that’s for other people, not me”
  • Didn’t give a DAMN what other people say (my personal fave)

I want to help you get there so bad. And, I already like you, so let’s start talking already.

Hang with us, in what I call the House of Free…

it’s a safe zone of naked truth and eternally judgment- free.

Let’s live deliciously.  Together.

You are always welcome here.

Devoted to you and your freedom,

How can working with Vasavi help me achieve the freedom I want so badly?

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