Episode 35 | Who’re you trying to help? | David Perez

When we try to help everyone we end up helping no one.

Today’s episode of Being Human with Vasavi is focusing on narrowing down our niche.

You see, when we first start our business, we think to ourselves, “I can’t wait to help everyone!”

And therein lies the problem.

When we’re not clear on exactly the type of person we’re helping, the problem they’re facing, and the solution they’re looking for, we end up exhausting ourselves trying to hunt down clients, and anyone who will listen to us.

I asked for three volunteers on my Instagram to come on the show, and open up about what keeps them up at night.

Dave Perez boldly said YES to the opportunity and we had a great time brainstorming. Dave is very successful in his industry but he has a deep-rooted passion for helping people balance their work and life.

Sounds simple enough, right?


Listen in on our conversation and how it unfolds so that Dave gets clear(er) on who is ideal client is.

If you’ve been looking to hone in on your client, their problem, the solution you have to offer them, listen in!

HUGE shoutout to Dave for being open and willing to receive suggestions and feedback from me.

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Here for you.