Episode 34 | Sharing stories to connect | Dr. Priya Patel

Storytelling connects us all.

Today’s episode of Being Human with Vasavi is a little different than the rest.

I asked for three volunteers on my Instagram to come on the show, and open up about what keeps them up at night.

Dr. Priya Patel boldly said YES to the opportunity and we had a great time talking! She’s already super successful in her industry, but she wants to take it a step further and help people become better at having crucial conversations that convert.

If you’ve been looking to transfer the skills that you have picked up throughout your career, help even more people, and make additional income, this episode is a must!

I walked Priya through the process of taking the next step in her business and one of the most important things she uncovered was that she absolutely needs to show her vulnerable side and share more of herself and her story with her audience.

Priya received my feedback like a BOSS.

Anyway, I digress. When YOU are YOUR service, sharing your story is essential if you want your customers to get to know you and eventually trust and buy from you.

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Here for you.