Episode 33 | We need to die before we can really live

“You have to die a few times before you can really live.”

Charles Bukowski said that.

The talk of death can feel so morbid right?


There’s so much within us that’s dying (pun intended) to be expressed. In order to move forward and step into who we can be, we need to let go of who we thought we could/should have been.

I know for me personally, I’m mourning the loss of an image that I carefully crafted. One that people respected, and listened to, and admired.

This same image also housed many demons which eventually destroyed what I had built. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about situations that I allowed myself to exist in my life. I often think about how I could have handled things differently. How I should have been easier on myself and others.

I put myself in the shoes of Vasavi, circa 2015-2018, and try to understand what was she thinking?

What was really going on?

What was the god sized hole she was desperately trying to fill?

I’ve done my fair share of inner work and for some reason, this time around is exceptionally challenging, to say the least.

The biggest difference is that I’m willing to slow down, and allow whatever uncomfortable feeling, emotion, and experience, to pass.

Because ultimately, it always passes.

I just never gave myself a shot to work through a lot of things in my life that needed tender care, patience, and attention.

Speeding up isn’t a viable option for me anymore.

I recorded this episode as an ode to the few things I know I need to let go of in order to truly live. I’m sure I could have kept going but these are the few that stuck out like a sore thumb.

Also, I’m a big believer in show and tell.

Since I’ve been back and putting myself out there. I’ve been doing a whole lot of sharing and inviting you to consider working with me.

I know these past few years have been tumultuous and my unstable life has probably left you wondering, “Is she able to really help me?”

The short answer is Yes. Now more than ever. I say this because I’m practicing what I’m preaching and more than that, I’m putting my mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health first.

There’s someone out there that I know I can help. There’s someone I can share my experiences of strength, hope, and solution with. It doesn’t matter what season of life we’re in. We can always learn from one another. That’s humility. And that’s something I’ve had to learn the roundabout way.

I’m offering a month’s worth of solution-focused sessions with me (in this podcast episode I say a week’s worth, I meant to say month).

If you’re curious, let’s get started here.

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Here for you.