Episode 32 | Obsessed with feeling good leads to unhappiness

If you want to be happy, stop being obsessed with happiness.

I noticed something today. Actually, right before I started recording this episode.

Something happened (which I share more in the episode). This “something” triggered a series of negative feelings that sent me down a shame spiral.

Thoughts like:

  • “I can’t believe I screwed up so bad”
  • “I’ll never get back to where I was before”
  • “Why can’t I ever seem to get anything right?”
  • “I’m so pathetic I can’t even deal with anything right now”

Luckily, this isn’t my first trip down the shame spiral. And I’m very grateful that I have slowed down enough to actually save myself in these moments of shame and negativity.

If you’ve spent an entire lifetime “trying” to be happy, only to find yourself empty and unhappy, please listen to this episode down below.

What I’m learning one day at a time is that when I remove the desperate need to be happy, I simply AM. Not happy, not sad, not anything.


This episode is dedicated to those who want to be comfortable in their own skin. To those who have sacrificed their life to make others comfortable, all while denying themselves the pleasure of their own presence is possible.

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Here for you.