Episode 30 | Identity Crisis

In my last episode, Out of the Darkness, I let it all hang out.

See the thing is, my identity, was wrapped in who I wanted you to think I was.

So I made sure that I looked good on the outside. I made sure that I had something to brag about, flaunt, and of course, I always had a good story to tell that would almost guarantee that you would either love me or hate me.

To be completely honest, I’m still figuring out who I am. Sometimes I wish I had it all sorted out, but what fun would that be?

Patience, trust, and surrender are just a few of the things that are at the top of my priority list. Healing takes time. And while I wish there was a fast forward button, I know that wanting to speed up this process of getting to know myself for who I really am, simply doesn’t work that way.

Today’s episode, Identity Crisis, is for you if you’ve been asking yourself, “Who am I?”

I’ll let you know when I find out.

In the meantime, press play below.



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