Episode 25 | Downplaying Ourselves to Make Others Comfortable

Today’s episode of Being Human with Vasavi hits very close to home.

If you’re the type of person who downplays your achievements, skills, and talents, because you don’t want to make those around you uncomfortable, this episode is 100% for you.

See the thing is, when we diminish our god-given talents, achievements, and experiences, a part of our precious dies. It doesn’t happen quickly. It’s a slow and steady type of loss within, and ultimately will lead us to not having any sort of self-respect.

We are intuitive beings. We know when we’e lying to ourselves. We can feel it in our gut.

Truthfully, I don’t ever really talk about the fact that I have two Masters, graduated from an Ivy League school, ran my own business for seven years (and was very profitable in doing so), drive a nice car, have a nice house, am the co-host of a morning show here in Austin, TX etc, etc, ETC.

Instead, you know what I’d done for a really long? I’d share all my “junk.”

I’d share all my wounds, all the heartbreaks, all the things that went “wrong” in my life.

Why? Because I wanted people to like me. And I believed that if people really knew how accomplished I was, then I would all alone.

Well, guess what? I would rather be alone then slowly lose respect for myself.

Presently, I’m starting to find my own balance. I’m starting to see that I CAN show up as Vasavi, not downplay my assets, AND still be surrounded by people who love me–all of me.

Here’s to all of us shining on!

Listen to the full episode below!