Episode 21 | What do you believe about time?

I have found that there are typically five main beliefs that people hold on to, as it relates to time.

The first type of person and the beliefs that they hold is there isn’t enough of it. There’s not enough time, I’m always busy, oh my god, there’s not enough time.

The second belief about time is that other people control it, so he has my time, she has my time, they take up so much of my time.

The third kind is, we have no control over it, right; so you know that kind of person, or maybe you are that person and it’s… I have no control over my time; I have absolutely no power over how my day goes, over how my schedule goes; I am just completely powerless and helpless as it relates to time.

The fourth is that in order to be efficient, we need to squeeze things in. I have been guilty of this. For me, I really always wanted to do eight million things at one time, because when I did that, I felt like I was way more productive and I achieved a certain level of efficiency if I did that. All that led to was massive amounts of anxiety and, I never ever felt like there was enough time. And also, it was a false sense of efficiency and success.

And the last is, it must be stressful, right; are we so stressed out, there’s not enough time. You know, time is just like this stressful thing that you may hold on to if you have this belief.

The reason we’re talking about these five beliefs is because I want you to be able to see which of these you identify with.

Are you the ‘there isn’t enough of it?’

Are you the ‘other people control it?’

Are you the ‘you have no control over it’?

Or maybe you feel like in order to be efficient you have to squeeze things in, or that time is just plain all simple?

Be able to identify which belief you hold on to and maybe you don’t hold on to any of them, or maybe your belief about time is something completely different than this, but whatever it is, just be honest with yourself here.

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