Episode 18 | Forgiveness

What is forgiveness? Well, forgiveness can be looked at as an act of completion. It’s the act of letting negative energy go, putting a period to something that was once taking up all of your energy, getting complete about something. When you’re complete, when you say, “Oh, I’m complete. I’m good with this. I’m complete,” whatever the situation is should have no more energy than what you had for last week’s lunch, right?

If I were to ask you what did you have for last week’s lunch, you’d probably not even remember because it happened. It’s good. You’re done. You’re over it. It’s the same thing.

So if there’s something that happened in your past, and if we bring it up in conversation and you find yourself being nervous or having some anxiety or agida over it, that’s a sign that you’re still incomplete about it. When we talk about forgiveness, it’s about becoming complete with things that are taking up your mental zip code and taking up your energy.

Forgiveness is also the greatest act of compassion that you can not only have for other people, but for yourself, cause when you’re angry, when you’re mad, when you haven’t forgiven someone, you’re hurting yourself cause you’re the one holding on to this pain, to this anger. So just think about in your life, what are you not willing to let go of? Who are you resisting forgiving? Is it your mom, your dad? Maybe it’s yourself? Is there something that you’re mad about that you’ve done in your life that you’re not willing to forgive yourself?

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