Episode 15 | Ask Vasavi Anything Q + A (Part 1)


I love(d) today’s episode. I got to hear YOUR questions and it was so much fun answering them.

This episode is a two-part episode so be sure to tune in to the next episode when it’s out to hear more of the questions I got.

Here are just a few:

1. What does your name mean and more importantly what’s your name mean to you? -Slade

2. How do you find hope when in darkness? -Kathryn

3. How do you stay positive when everything goes wrong? -Darryl

4. When did you know it was time to get sober? -Dyana

5. How do I start moving away from an animal based diet to a plant based lifestyle? -Lauri

All these were answered and then I got tired so I decided to make this a two-part episode.

EXCITED!!! I love getting organic questions.

Do you have a question? If so submit your question here.

I hope to hear from you! And now, without further ado, click play below to listen to today’s episode.

Here’s to being inquisitive!