Episode 8 | I’m no relationship expert but I do know this

I believe that every relationship we come across is meant to teach us something about ourself.

Everyone we meet is our spiritual teacher.

What the heck does that mean Vasavi?

It means that whether or not you like a situation or a person, if you’re willing to put aside your pride and resentment you will find that the person, relationship, or situation you despise the most was intended to be a part of that season of your life–

To help you become a BETTER person.

Most people don’t get that far tho. Most people want to be right and blame the “other” for why things didn’t work out.

Are you one of those people? Or are you one of those people who can see a situation in its entirety and withhold any judgment?

Click play to listen to today’s Being Human with Vasavi.

Here’s to having healthy relationships!