Episode 3 | How to Cope With Anything

Here’s the thing. Life is hard. No one ever said it was going to be easy. Us humans tend to overcomplicate everything. Literally, everything. We think things need to be hard and difficult because somewhere along the way we experienced something that altered our outlook on life.

As a grateful recovering addict, I rely on my Higher Power and other healing modalities to keep me sane (and sober). When shit hits the fan I don’t need to reach for a drink or a drug anymore. I don’t need to raise my voice, get out of control with my emotions, overeat, or go on a crazy shopping spree.

Life is simple. Humans complicate it.

The ability to be able to have kickass coping skills to deal with anything life throws your way is the topic today on Being Human with Vasavi. Click play below and don’t forget to subscribe!