Episode 1 | Ask For What You Want With Ease

Isn’t it crazy how we complicate situations in which we want to ask for something but don’t know how? Why is it so easy for us humans to give to others but struggle when it’s time for us to receive from others?

I have always had a hard time asking for things. It’s funny because I consider myself to have a very high level of confidence but when it comes time for me to ask for what i want, I lose all faith in myself.  I fear that I’ll be a burden and if I do manage to ask, I’ll hear “No” for an answer. I do not like being told No. I’ve learned that by not asking for what I want, I just become resentful towards myself and others.

In this episode of Being Human with Vasavi, I’m going to show you how to ask for what you want with ease. Sounds good? Great. Click below to listen.