To all my seekers

Vasavi here and I’m regretful to say that summer is now officially over 🙁

On a positive note, welcome to my newly revamped website courtesy of Simply Elaborate. Thanks Emilia!!!

As much fun as I’ve had this summer going on camping trips to Lake Travis, hosting epic pool days, and nights out with my best friends, I always welcome the changing of the seasons.  

With the same wild and free feeling that summer brings about, fall can bring about a feeling of comfort, serenity, and peace.

When the seasons change, it can give you the opportunity to have a fresh start in the middle of the year. A chance to change your path, whether it be in your career, business, relationships, or just your life in general.

I’ve used the changing of the seasons as an opportunity to bring about a change in my life, a chance to try something completely out of my comfort zone.

I know I have always preached about entrepreneurship, creating your economy, honing your gifts and monetizing them, telling your story, and being yourself and not fitting into any one else’s mold. 

I still believe this 100%. 

I’ve also preached that the 9-5 work model that most of the world runs on for their entire life is a complete and utter trap. I’m fully understanding of the fact that you need to feed your family and pay the bills, but for the most part, I’ve emphasized the philosophy of making your passion your profession.

Well guess who broke her own rules (uh-oh).

I, Vasavi Kumar, am proud to say I have joined the rest of the world and am working part time as a Part-Time Leasing Consultant with a property management company here in Austin.

I’ll be giving apartment tours, helping residents every day with the ins and out of living in a community, providing EXCELLENT customer service, and learning the ins and outs of the real estate industry.

Did I mention I learned how to drive a golf cart so I can take new prospects on apartment tours?

Aside from the benefits like health insurance, a DEEP immersion into a new industry, a steady paycheck (who needs those?) and reduced rent at a sister property I’m soon moving to, I took this job for a few reasons:

1. I have always loved the thrill of the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. But lately I’ve been craving something different in addition to what I’m already doing–working with talented individuals such as yourself

2. I wanted a new experience and at age 35 I’m proud to say that this is my first corporate job…ever. I wear pencil skirts every day and OMG, I love playing dress up every morning.

3. I’ve always been interested in the real estate industry and this is my way of getting my feet wet.

4. I became so focused on and in my business that I stopped asking myself what else I wanted to explore. 

If you’ve been subscribed to my blog for a while you know that when I wanted to learn cooking, I went to culinary school. When I wanted to study Ayurveda, I went to India to delve into this beautiful and ancient science. 

Point being, when I want to try something new, I immerse myself in it 100%.

Now before everyone freaks out, just know that this doesn’t mean I’m taking ANOTHER sabbatical (which I did back in 2015). 

It’s actually quite the opposite of that.

This new experience will allow me to free up some mental space because I won’t constantly be wondering “What if?”

The nagging impact of “What if?” is a true energy suck and I don’t ever want to run my business or life that way.

I realized I will be able to perform better in my business when I answer that little whisper inside that’s saying, “Isn’t there more?”

It’s starting to become FUN again, and I don’t feel as much pressure which will in turn lead to better results.

Is this Leasing Consultant position my career path forever?

Absolutely not.

I will say that I can turn this opportunity into a valuable learning experience.

Truthfully, it’s been a ton of fun getting up, putting on heels, getting dressed up from head to toe and having colleagues to talk to.

I finally feel like I can kick back and relax just a little bit from being an over-functioning human for once.

My point is that I’m doing this not to take the easy way out, but because I kept trying the same thing over and over and nothing was changing. 

So I decided to follow my own advice, think outside the box, and do something that would help reduce my stress levels, and really allow me to enjoy my life again instead of being a ball of anxiety.

I reinvented myself in a way that I never thought I could and it truly is making me a healthier and happier person.

Trying the same thing over and over and expecting different results is the definition of insanity.

I know this is a cliche but it has especially rang true for me in these past few months.

Take a look at yourself.

Are you happy?

Do you feel like you’re on a hamster wheel which can never get off of?

Do you feel like there is no way out?

What do you need to do to change things up?

If you’ve ever needed proof that you can work a J-O-B and run a business, here I am assuring you that you CAN. 

If you’ve ever wondered whether you can do what you’re REALLY good at AND explore new opportunities, here I am assuring you that you CAN.

There is a way through every “problem”, and if you need help just know that I’m here for you.

The seeker in me honors the seeker in you. 



P.S. All new services and ways to work with me as part of my new site so please check them out and don’t hesitate to reach out to me!