Are mornings rough for you?

I don’t know about you, but mornings are rough for me.

My creative bipolar mind wakes up with about a million to-dos and then I get overwhelmed.

Sounds familiar?

Having been raised in a Hindu household I have been blessed to be exposed to all things meditation, mantras, and mindfulness.

But being the rebel that I am, I always wanted to find a way.

My way.

You see, I’m the kind of person who can be told how to do things, but I HAVE to do it MY WAY.

That’s the only way any sort of practice or routine sticks for me.

I wanted to share my own personal routine that I have created.

It’s simple and it’s been working. I feel better and start my day clear minded.

The picture below consists of three key “items” that I have placed next to my yellow chair that i sit in when I wake up in the morning.

The first is a baby photo of me. I love this photo. I love my smile, I love my drool but mostly I can feel just how pure my joy was, detached from any outcome. I’ve always been results driven and lately, my number one intention is to simply do things because I feel like it. That’s it. There’s something about reconnecting with my pure innocence that reminds me that ALL IS GOOD and that whatever “problem” I am facing will always get resolved.

The second is an intention card that I pulled way back in the day that I have kept. It says, “I am selfish enough to feel good.”

This is so relevant for me because I’ve always been someone who makes decisions based on others and how they feel, and thereby, putting myself last.

I’ve also massively shifted my relationship to the word selfish.

Truth be told, I am 100% selfish. My #1 priority is Vasavi, plain and simple. No guilt. No shame. And, it definitely didn’t happen over night.

The last item is something I created just for me. I call it my Be Still Box. Inside I’ve written out 60 mantras and questions. I pull a card every day and use my mala beads which was handed down over many generations in my family.

So here’s how it all goes down. I wake up when I wake up. No alarms on my end. I listen to my body and get up when my body gets up.

I look over at my nightstand table and look at the photo of me. I say out loud, “I am selfish enough to feel good” and then I open up my Be Still Box, shuffle and pull a card.

Then I take out my mala beads and repeat this mantra written on my card. I then flip it over and ask the question written on the back.

This sets me up for the day. It’s simple and works for me.

I’m sharing this with you because I know how difficult it can feel to FEEL GOOD in the morning and in spite of your circumstances.

Trust me when I say that my journey to feeling good is one that unfinished and a constant battle. But I have found that with a few simple tweaks, and the willingness to do whatever it takes to be still and feel good.

I would love to hear more about what YOU do to feel good in the morning.

Comment below and let me know! OR feel free to hop on the phone with me by using my online calendar link. If you need any tips, I’m here for you.



P.S. If you want me your very own Be Still Box, email me directly at and I will personally make one for you!