How to do a digital detox

Today I was on Good Day Austin sharing tips on how to detox from your digital devices.

You may not know this about me but when I was a kid I used to stutter. In fact, I still struggle with it but I have learned how to manage it and speak with confidence no matter what situation I am in.

I speak with a lot of people who are looking to grow their personal brand and get their message out there.

It takes, hustle, confidence, and a certain level of grit to be able to say “HELLO WORLD HERE I AM.”

If you want to learn how to position yourself so that media outlets want YOU and your message then look no further than right here. Since 2010 I have been putting myself out there shamelessly because I truly believe in what I stand for:

That you can do, be, and have anything that you want as long as as you are willing to work for it.

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And if you have a message that you want to be crystallized so you can put yourself out there set up a 60 min session with me here>>

I’ll also be sharing my exact tips on how to pitch yourself in a way that isn’t slimy, fake, or sleazy.

Talk soon