Simplify Anything

Why is it that us humans manage to complicate even the smallest things in our life?

What if I told you that I could show you how to simplify your life in just a few simple (pun intended) steps?

You would love it right?!??!

This past week I moved into my new apartment. Let’s just say that this sanctuary of mine is a huge upgrade from where I used to live. Vaulted ceilings, all updated appliances, and nestled in the woods where I hardly get any service but that’s ok with me (unless I’m talking to clients and then it becomes annoying). My point is, These past 60 days have been hectic between taking on an entire new client load, packing (and then unpacking), moving, coordinating all the details, keeping my self-care up, and just overall, “managing life.”

It wasn’t easy.

However, I will say that I successfully managed to move, unpack and finally get settled in within a week, am getting my self-care slowly back on track, and am also becoming more patient with myself to not have it be working all smoothly, all the time.

Whatever you’re going through right now, I want to show you where you may be overcomplicating things and also a few simple steps to stop distracting yourself from what really matters.

Overcomplicating things is exhausting and will keep you from focusing on what truly matters in your life.

Step 1: Look at the big picture
What matters to you the most? Is what you’re fretting about really going to matter in a week, a month, six months? Probably not. Get back to prioritizing what matters to you the most. Heads up, most of the things that we expend our energy on really DOES NOT matter in the large scheme of life. Simply stated, chill out. It’ll all work out. Don’t worry about what you can’t change. Focus on what you can control.

Step 2: Reverse engineer
Whether it’s a deadline you need to meet, a big move, a project you are working on, set the date (or be clear on when the date is) and work backwards to figure out what needs to get done in order to successfully reach that goal. For example, for my big move, I knew I had to pack (obviously), switch addresses, transfer electricity, phone, internet, and hire movers. Instead of freaking out about all of it at one time, I set dates for when I needed to get each of those action items completed. It helped to break down the steps necessary to reach my goal. Now for you, maybe you have an idea you have been wanting to take action on, or a project you have been putting off. Start with the end in mind.

This leads me to Step 2a.

Step 2a: Use your imagination
This step is for anything you want to achieve. For my apartment, i had a very clear vision of how I wanted my new place to look and feel. I literally spent every free moment outside of my business planning, decorating, and coming up with how I wanted my apartment to look and feel. I enlisted the support of my client Celia Sasser who is a fabulous interior designer and she helped me bring my vision to life in no time. On a side note, get help if you need it. Listen, I don’t know the first thing about interior design. So I reached out to Celia and BOOM! She helped make it happen but hearing me out and suggesting key pieces for me to buy.

Below are some pics of my new pad!

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Step 3: Prepare, prepare, and prepare some more

Without YOU, none of the above steps make a difference. And to tell you the truth, things feel more complicated when we spend most of our energy talking about how stressed out we are rather thany doing what we need to do to handle it. Do you think I wanted to spend my Friday and Saturday nights packing? Absolutely not. Do you think it’s fun to do the things that we don’t want to do? Of course not. But the biggest hurdle to get over when we’re talking about simplifying our life, business, career, relationships, anything- is to do what you need to do to get “it” done.

When I think about my parents who are Indian immigrants I am reminded of how hard they worked and much they had to sacrifice to give my sister and I the life that we had. Imagine if they adopted the “But I don’t feel like it” whiny attitude?

Would I be who I am today? Probably not.

If you really want to simplify your life, follow the above steps, don’t talk about it, do it, and watch your life become simpler, more peaceful, and most of all, more SANE.

Feel free to email so we can discuss how you can start simplifying areas of your life. Easy peasy.