Get judged. I dare you.

I have a challenge and an opportunity for you to find out just how awesome you are AND for you to start not caring so much about other people judging you.

First, here’s the thing. We all worry about people judging us. And it’s mostly because we sit in judgement about ourselves. We treat ourselves badly, say the meanest things to ourselves and of course we are in constant paranoia about others judging us. Quite frankly, no one cares because they’re worrying about being judged themselves.

Hell just the other day I was at a music festival with my friend and he pretended like he was cutting in line in front of someone just for fun. I got so nervous that the girl behind would get upset. But she ended up laughing and it was all good.

So in that moment, even though I wasn’t doing the silly act and my friend was, I got so scared that she would think I’m weird, or rude, or blah blah blah.

But what I know to be true is that when you truly learn to like yourself, put yourself in uncomfortable situations, and see that you will still SURVIVE, you start to build character and respect for yourself. You also start to not give a damn what people think about you.

If you have been keeping up with my emails, you know that I recently launched a new merchandise line under the name “so(ul) special.” I started this company in honor of bringing awareness to mental illness and suicide prevention.

Every month I am introducing a new piece of apparel for you to rock. I’m using language to help you reprogram how you view yourself. 

It’s time to stop living a life that is caught in a vicious cycle of doubt, and fear, and confusion. And start living your luscious circle of life that is filled with confidence, conviction, and sanity. 

Sounds good? OF COURSE IT DOES!

The pic below is me and Laney. I’m wearing October’s tank that says “Judge Me I’m Awesome.”


It’s a beautiful mint color and it seriously makes me feel amazing when I wear it. It’s almost like I’m welcoming being judged rather than shying away from it. It’s a gentle reminder that I AM AWESOME. And so are you.

It’s super simple to get one! Just click on this link and you can order yours today. I have a very limited amount so act quick. 

Once you get your tank, I have a BOLD challenge for you. I want you to wear your tank and do something that you would never dream of doing.

Here are some examples:

-Do a FB live in a public setting

-Eat lunch or dinner by yourself (no phone with you)

-Talk to a stranger

-If you’re an entrepreneur and at a networking event, go up to someone and introduce yourself. Heck, do it even if you’re not an entrepreneur

-Go somewhere where you don’t know anyone and DON’T be a wallflower

-Take a workout class that you’ve been meaning to try and get in the front row (my personal favorite)

Feel free to post on social media and be sure to use the hashtag #soulspecial. Would also love to hear how you FEEL wearing this tank out in public so please email me and let me know!!!!

If you have other things that you have been meaning to try, DO IT!!!!! Have fun, Life is short. You’re awesome.

Here’s the link once again:

Love to you,