Do you lack confidence?

When you do something do you do it with complete confidence?  

Even when it’s something you have never done before?  

Do you have something you would love to do but are too scared to even try it?  

What if you knew you could face any challenge without having any self-doubt tainting your thoughts?  

I know these are a lot of questions.

I’m hoping I can help get some of them answered.  

Or you can just enjoy your lack of self confidence.  

Either way, no skin off my back. 

What are your first thoughts when you face a new challenge in your life?  

“I can’t do that.”  
“That seems difficult.”  
“That’s too much work.”

If you like taking the easy way out, all these phrases are 100% valid.




There IS an alternative route.  

You can face any demanding or unfamiliar situation with complete conviction.  Even if you have second thoughts in the back of your mind. It’s all about the mindset when you approach something. When you approach something new with the mindset of “I can’t do it.”  “That’s too difficult.” Guess what?  You’re damn right. You’re not going to be able to do it. It is going to be too difficult.  

You already determined that you are going to fail before you even started.  

Do you see how ridiculous that is?  

What’s even more crazy is we try to blame outside sources for our failures, when it all begins and ends with you.

What if (stick with me here) you determined that you were going to succeed before you even started something?  

Some would call this cocky. I call this extreme confidence and having a positive mindset.  

People that say this is “cocky” most likely lack confidence themselves.  

When they see someone that is sure of themselves, they have no clue how to react, so they try to categorize it as a flaw. That something must be wrong with that person. Let me tell you something.  

There is nothing wrong with being confident.

Does this mean you are going to succeed 100% of the time with everything you do just because you say you’re going to?  Absolutely not. Everybody fails. Everybody. Even the best of pro athletes fail at some point, despite countless hours of relentless training. The difference is when they fail, they IMMEDIATELY put that out of their mind. Therefore, when they try again they don’t have the pain or the insecurity of that failure tainting their performance. Hence why they are professionals.  

What most of us do, unfortunately, is after we fail at something ONE time, when we go to try that same thing again we have a fear surrounding that task or challenge and then we inevitably fail again.

You wanna know why you failed the second time?  

You were thinking about your previous failures, therefore you lacked confidence to succeed, and therefore you didn’t succeed.

It’s a self fulfilling prophecy. Every single time. And what’s worse is, the more times you fail at something, the more you are going to think about it. You have to try to break that cycle. There is absolutely no possible way you are going to succeed when you are constantly thinking about failure.

When you are able to put these failures out of your mind and have self confidence in anything you try, then you will without a doubt succeed more often.  This seems very simple in theory, however it does take great discipline to be able to practice it whole heartedly.  

It is OK to have fears. It’s healthy to have fears. I’m not saying to not have fear. Fear can actually be healthy, because that means you actually respect what you are doing (in some cases).

What’s not healthy, is to let that fear rule what you are able to do. Don’t let it determine your abilities. You can conquer anything, you just have to believe you can. It starts in your brain.

Guess what your brain controls? The rest of your body. 

Don’t be your own worst enemy.  

Stay out of your negativity.  

Stop thinking of every single thing that can go wrong.  

Don’t catastrophize and ask “what if” all the time.

What if the sky falls?  What if you die tomorrow?

Instead, think of every single thing that can go right.

Unless you enjoy torturing yourself.


It’s easy to not recognize our own uniqueness or “specialness.” 

I want to give you simple and actionable steps that you can take for the week ahead for you to stop torturing yourself and be the confident creator that YOU know you are and uncover your true “specialness.”

I want you to be able to tell yourself every single day #imsospecial because…

This week, schedule in time in your calendar to do one thing every day that you have been putting off because of your fears. It can be small or big. You decide. 

The only thing getting in the way of you and what you YOU.

Once you have decided on the things you’re going to challenge yourself to do this week, feel free to email me to let me know what you’re up to. The best way to do that is to subscribe below so you have access to me directly.

I can’t wait to hear more. 

If you don’t know even know where to begin or what the process is to even start down a path of living with no limits, THIS is what I’m a beast at. I’m excellent at challenging people to go after what they want. Hop on the phone with me and let’s figure it out together. I know it’s in you.

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